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About Emma Klein

My yoga journey started with me wanting to be more flexible, as something to do with my normal gym routine. It has lead me through many phases of my life from working in the corporate world, through pregnancy and birth to being a mum and finally to where I am now.Ssharing the knowledge I have picked up along the way as a Yoga Teacher. Knowledge that I will continue to share as I discover and learn more about Yoga.


Through this journey I have learnt that yoga isn't about being flexible, or what shapes you can create with your body. Yoga is about finding balance. About learning about yourself and understanding yourself and what you need both mentally and physically day to day.


Yoga has become a lifestyle for me. One that guides and supports me through all the joys and stresses of being a wife and mother. But one that also challenges me to continue to study and grow.


I am a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher. As well as having specialities in Anatomy, Injury and Yoga Nidra, I am slowly working towards my 500hrs training to further deepend my knowledge in these areas. In addition to this I have a specialist training in Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga.

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