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About Erika Zettervall

Erika joined the WNT team in April 2016, having spent most of her massage career to date working with clients in their homes and in corporate environments.  


Erika has been involved in body work since 1997 and has trained in the USA, Thailand and in the UK. She is also a yoga teacher, and this helps shape her interest in working with clients on both body and mind.


She has collaborated with psychotherapists in the past and seen the benefits of massage in supporting people going through stressful or emotional periods.


Erika says:

I particularly enjoy and have an interest in bringing health, wellbeing and balance into professional (often very stressed) women's lives while they are going through challenging times in life. Something I can strongly relate to and have empathy with both personally and through the clients I have worked with over the years. My own professional life started out in a noisy hectic environment as an options broker in the City that resulted in a hard landing after redundancy and later a start of a very different life style.


Over the years I have been able to work in the setting of Yoga holidays/retreats in the UK as well as Italy and France, collaborating with yoga teachers (Alexa Harris, Margherita Dal Pra, Liz Lark and Emily Reed to name a few).  I find it very rewarding to work in an environment that enhances the effect and integration of treatments in clients.






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