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About Jennie Duck

I use my specialist skills in sports & remedial massage and aromatherapy to offer treatments that are tailored to your preferences and needs on the day. I can give you anything from a gently relaxing, soothing massage to an intensive 'pummelling'. I have developed a useful aroma-sports fusion scale to help you decide what suits you best.


BODY AND MIND - the two are inextricably linked and my aim in massage is to help balance both, believing that a calm mind can help release physical stresses and strains, while release to the body can help the mind to let go and relax


COMMUNICATION - feedback is hugely important to me, I will base my treatment approach on what you tell me about how you feel before, during and after treatment and will be ready to adapt, alter and refer wherever appropriate


SCIENCE MEETS ART - good massage requires some creativity and intuition and my approach is to combine this with a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology to give a strong all-round treatment


RESEARCH AND LEARNING - I am learning all the time, through reading and research, cpd courses, attending classes and visiting lots of different therapists to learn from and feel how it is to be a client.

Contact Jennie


Tel: 07989 387 319




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