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About Lauren O'Sullivan

The people I see come to me for a variety of reasons – and they are not all to do with sports! Many clients have postural issues or imbalances due to their workplace environment i.e. sitting at a desk or driving for long periods of time.


Clients quite often don’t play a particular sport but are very keen to keep active and are passionate about their fitness and how well their body is able to perform.


As well as maintenance massage, I am always keen to provide pre and post event massage. It gives me such excitement to be able to help clients in a competition situation and I have previously massaged post-event at a number of half-marathons and marathons, the most recent being the London Marathon this year.


Good communication between my clients and I is the most important thing to me when massaging. I am there to help people relieve their tensions, not to seize up in pain or fear!

Keeping fit and healthy is at the forefront of my everyday. I am a professional dancer and actor and I also enjoy bouldering and yoga.




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