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About Melanie Howlett

I have been interested in Holistic methods of promoting health and wellbeing for many years. My interest arose when I started to learn about Reiki Systems of natural healing. I was naturally drawn to the idea that we have the ability to heal ourselves and took my first degree Reiki that year in 1999 with Rowena Beaumont. I went on to become a Reiki Master in 2002.


Following a natural inclination towards massage I started to learn about this underestimated form of therapy.  When I started my journey as a body worker, I didn’t realise the extent of the positive effects soft tissue work can have, both as a preventative and remedial treatment in assisting us to stay pain free and mobile.


Having suffered myself from chronic and acute myofascial pain over the years a regular massage from a good therapist has assisted me to stay pain free and in control of my well being.  My own body has been a great teacher, allowing me to experience the positive effects and relief a good massage can bring to chronic shoulder pain and occasional hip pain which could easily if left untreated (and if I hadn’t known better) may have been misdiagnosed as arthritic pain.


I studied with the JING Institute of Advanced Clinical Massage, who have won many awards for their work and dedication towards their teaching. I am dedicated in continuing to progress in my work and develop my knowledge and skill set to offer the best treatment possible.


It is a great feeling to be able to assist people out of pain and to help relieve the stress of everyday life.




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