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Audra Chukukere

Audra specialises in a functional approach to nutritional therapy which looks at how diet, lifestyle, environment and genetics can influence long-time health.


Audra has a natural ablity to put people at ease and makes it comfortable to talk about the detail that is needed for a full nutrtional consultation. She believes that the body’s innate power to heal can be enhanced by eating the right foods and adopting healthful lifestyle adapted to suit each individual. Her sessions are thorough to allow you to tell your story.


From a nutrition perspective, all disease starts in the gut so Audra is keen to help you resolve any digestive issues particularly IBS, leaky gut, reflux and offers a comprehensive diet modification for those with food intolerances and coeliac disease.


She also has particular experience in Children’s and Women’s Health, particularly peri-menopause.


Appointments with Audra need to be booked directly with her using the email link or telephone number on this page and at least 5 days ahead. More info

email audra

See Audra for:


* hormonal imbalances including PMS, Peri and Post Menopause, PCOS and skin issues.

* children's health and nutrition

* Skin complaints

* Stress management

* Blood sugar balance – avoid flagging at 4pm

* Immune support – reducing the frequencies of colds and coughs

Nutritional Therapy

Ad hoc hours by appointment


Contact Audra

Tel: 07769 265 631

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