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By West Norwood Therapies Team, Feb 16 2018 10:00AM

Facial therapist Veronica Massa introduces her new Wednesday consultation and taster sessions - free 30min sessions for new clients

Get the best skin ever, naturally with Veronica Massa Holistic Facial Therapist & Natural Skincare coach.

• Are you confused about which products are right for you?

• Are you unhappy with your skin? Do you suffer from skin condition that gets you down?

• Are you fed up with facial tension or maybe worried about signs of ageing?

Would you like:

A healthier and radiant skin?

To feel confident and feel beautiful?

Know what your skin need and learn self-care

Come to my Special Wednesdays, FREE “I LOVE MY SKIN” Consultation & Tester Session

Every Wednesday from 2pm to 9pm, bookings essential though the website. Session is 30 minutes and includes consultation, tips and a mini facial tester to see how I can help you to improve and enhance your skin’s health and beauty.


• effective methods to care for your skin naturally

• the best products for your skin – I will share with you my “Delicious Edible Skincare” tips

• facial tension release techniques

• stress and premature skin ageing management

• rejuvenating non-invasive techniques

to keep your skin healthy and beautiful throughout the daily grind and the passing of time.

“Inspiring Women to Feel & Look Happy, calm and confident, I help them to improve their health and wellbeing, release stress and emotional tension and rejuvenate their face, skin and spirit. Ultimately to feel good about themselves and feel beautiful by focusing on all that they are shining their inner spark.”

Visit http://www.veronicamassa.co.uk/testimonials/ to read testimonials or her facebook page Veronica Massa – Inspiring Women to Feel and Look Happy

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Feb 14 2018 09:00AM

Hypnobirthing teacher Clare Butler looks at the possibility of you having a romatic experience during your baby's birth...a time for romance, really?!

A romantic birth?! You heard right. Here is how…

You don’t often hear the words ‘romantic’ and ‘birth’ in the same sentence and to some the idea may sound unbelievable and/or a bit cheesy, but please hear me out…

I am not claiming that you will be able to enjoy a relaxed dinner together in a restaurant whilst sipping wine and flirting. What I am saying is that throughout labour it is possible for you to both experience copious bursts of oxytocin (the hormone of love) rather than default to fight, flight, freeze mode.

It is possible for your birth partner to be part of the process (not just feel it) and to truly be your emotional, physical and mental support. You can feel extra close, happy and that you are going through labour together as partners who love and deeply care for one another. Romantic right?! The result is not only a baby (hooray!) but also a truly positive birth experience for you BOTH.

Hypnobirthing enables this and has led to many people describing it as ‘romantic’. See, it’s not just me! Here is how…

1) Hypnobirthing involves preparation. You will attend a class together, read the same materials and when possible practice relaxation together. Well in advance of labour you are then both on the same page, you have decided together what your birth preferences are and both of you feel empowered, equipped and ready.

2) Hypnobirthing gives the birth partner a role. They are not just the transport organiser, bath runner and cord cutter. No way! The birth partner is given guidance on how they can support their loved one in pregnancy, birth and beyond. In particular, they are taught how they can keep their birth partner in a hypnbobirth bubble of relaxation and calm throughout labour.

3) Hypnobirthing helps prepare you for any ‘pot holes’ or diversions along the birth journey (basically any unplanned events) so that the birth partner can calmly bat away any adrenaline that may be creeping into either them or their loved one. They can instead make informed decisions and feel in control and calm throughout.

Are you interested in having this type of birth experience? For more information on hypnobirthing courses please contact clare@thehypnobirthinghome.com

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Feb 13 2018 09:00AM

Acupuncturist Philippa Summers looks at what you can do now to help prevent symptoms of hayfever in the spring and summer ahead.

Hayfever may be the last thing on your mind right now, as snow falls and the temperatures plummet, but now is the time to take preventative measures to reduce symptoms once the pollen emerges. Spring and summer can be a time of dread for anyone who suffers from hayfever, or seasonal allergic rhinitis to give it its proper medical name. Runny nose, itchy eyes and nose, blocked nose and sinuses, headaches and sneezing can seriously hamper your enjoyment of the summer months, affecting work, school, exams and leisure activities. Most people rely on antihistamines to get them through but they don’t work for everyone and can have unwanted side effects, including impaired thinking and drowsiness.

Acupuncture offers an alternative, with well researched evidence of its effectiveness, helping to reduce the symptoms and reliance on medication without the side effects. Treatment focuses on both the symptoms and underlying imbalances that predispose people to allergies, which may also involve other conditions like asthma which are easily exacerbated by airbourne allergies. The selection of points vary from person to person, and are individually tailored to you.

Acupuncture works via a range of mechanisms including reducing the activity of an antibody (IgE) and other pro inflammatory markers associated with allergic reactions and is effective against allergies that persist all year round, like those caused by house dust mites. Unlike antihistamines, which supress the histamine response these treatments are aimed at moderating your immune system’s response to the allergen at a deeper level with longer lasting benefits.

It is best started before the season kicks to moderate the immune response before it goes into overdrive but can also help once symptoms have begun. The effects last for several weeks after treatment has ended so in the case of the grass pollen season, which can continue until September, a couple of extra top up sessions throughout the summer may be helpful.

What is acupuncture like?

For those of you who have not tried acupuncture before, it is a very gentle treatment using very fine hair like needles - nothing like injection needles. You may feel a momentary dull ache that lasts for a second and then you shouldn’t feel the needles at all as you lay back on our heated couch, relax and listen to some music for 25 minutes. I have treated many people who ‘don’t like needles’ and they have all found it a much more comfortable and relaxing experience than they ever expected. Surprise yourself!

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jan 31 2018 02:44PM

Massage therapist and West Norwood Therapies' founder Jennie Duck considers if doing less can help her lead a fuller life

2017 seemed to be a year that, figuratively speaking, bit a lot of people on the ass. For me, bereavement and illness were a huge part of it and that inevitably compounds an appreciation of just how short life can be - and how precious it always is.

It was also a year of big change for me, not least with a move up to rural Scotland with my husband and toddler son. We now live at the end of a track in an old mill house by the river with 15 acres to play with. A far cry from our small London flat and compact little garden!

Now we have a big adventure ahead – which begins with endless lists. Rooms to paint, floors to sand, furniture to build, gardens to create, woodland to explore, family to visit…not to mention work to do, meals to cook and a toddler to play with (the best bit) and keep a routine going for.

So, lots to do and the knowledge that we cannot take life for granted. How do I respond, cram as much in as possible?

Before Christmas I agreed with my husband to have a bit of time to myself each morning – it’s better for us all this way ;-) I wanted to use this time to think, to explore the countryside, go for walks, do some yoga, wake up slowly with a nice cuppa, have a bath, do some writing, send some messages, do a bit of work, polyfill some gaps…by the end of the first week I was frustrated and using my time poorly. I couldn’t do all of that! And wanting it all meant I had done none of it properly and was starting the day in a jumble.

So now I do two things each morning: wake up slowly with a nice cuppa (well, 2 cuppas really…) and some yoga. If we’ve had an early start there’s sometimes time for some other bits, but generally letting go of the multitude of aspirations has really helped me get the most out of the ones I am giving space to. Instead of starting the day in a jumble I have a relatively clear head and can focus on my family and tasks.

Life is short, walk slowly. I heard this phrase in a massive Kenyan church tent many moons ago and lately it has been at the forefront of my mind. How much importance we place on doing more, seeing more, exploring more…but what about time in there for all the processing that needs to follow and absorption of any experience – good, bad and all the grey ones in between. The big life events of last year have left ripples and a strong residual sense of being buffeted around: last year was too much, too fast and it wasn’t helpful to have so much happen at once. Much of this was beyond my control, but perhaps this is one of the lessons life is teaching me.

Of course the work in the house needs to be done and I do LOVE painting (the 20% reward after 80% of effort goes into prepping…) – but it will and in good time.

Life is short...I will try to walk slowly!

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