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£10 off Special Offer on Jade & Gua Sha Facial for the month of May.

By West Norwood Therapies Team, May 4 2018 08:00AM

Jade & Gua Sha Beauty Ritual

by Holistic Face Therapist & Natural Skincare coach Veronica Massa

£10 off Special Offer on Jade & Gua Sha Facial for the month of May.

Normal price: £110 (90mins with honey and green tea face pack), £85 (1hour).

Discover the ancient health & beauty secrets of Gua Sha & Jade and how they can help you rejuvenate and release facial tension while leaving your skin with a beautiful glow.

Would you like the beautiful skin of a Chinese empress? This facial ritual created by Veronica, uses the beneficial effects of jade stone massage to keep your skin smooth and youthful.

“Regular facial guasha promotes the growth of new skin cells, helps renew your complexion and can effectively reduce clogged pores, control acne and pimples, reduce acne scars, tighten the skin and enhance the ability of your skin to absorb products,” said Zhuo Junqing, doctor at the Chinese medicine health care centre of Beijing Modern Hospital.

”What an amazing treat the Jade Facial I had with Veronica. Her expertise and gentleness makes this experience so worthwhile. It’s relaxing, nourishing, my skin was feeling radiant and smooth like silk afterwards. You will definitely seem me regularly”. Anamarta - Taoist Teacher at Jade Circle® & Healing Tao

How will you benefit from this beautiful Facial?

• Have a smoother, tighter and stronger skin

• Iron out fine lines, diminish eye bags, dark circles and lift the face

• Relax your face and calm your mind

• Reduce and manage tensions in your face, head and neck

• De-stress, sleep better and replenish your energies

• Nurture yourself and rejuvenate

• Ease sinus pain and headaches, relieve puffiness on the face (as improves lymphatic drainage and dissipated heat)

• Stimulate Qi – what the Chinese call the “life force”.

Gua-Sha is an ancient way to decongest the skin and to improve blood circulation, so it is anti-aging and it is preventative for acne, breakouts and helps decongest the sinuses and has shown lasting effects for smoothing out wrinkles, minimizing hyperpigmentation, dark circles and puffy eyes and to removes blockages.

About Jade Stone

In Chinese culture, Jade is known for its healing properties which relax the nervous system and aid in removal of toxins. Jade carries a soothing and nourishing energy that can feel very healing as it purifies your energy field and creates a serene feeling of harmony and balance.

Jade has an affinity with the Kidneys and the Hearth. It improves the health of the heart, lungs and thymus. It supports with kidneys and adrenal gland disorders. It aids in detoxification by strengthening the body’s filtration and cleansing system.

Boost the immune system.

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