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A Good Night's Sleep...its a side effect of Acupuncture.

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jun 17 2015 08:00AM

A bad night’s sleep can play havoc with memory and thinking skills in all of us in the short term. Recent research has even highlighted a possible link with Alzheimers. Professor Walker, senior author of the study published yesterday in the journal Nature Neuroscience, said: “Sleep is helping wash away toxic proteins at night, preventing them from building up and from potentially destroying brain cells. It’s providing a power cleanse for the brain.” Whatever your age a good night's sleep is vital to feeling good, being able to function properly and staying well. Sleep can be affected by so many factors and there are a number of steps that you can take yourself to improving your sleep:

• ensuring you have the right mattress and pillow

• a dark and quiet environment conducive to sleep

• avoiding stimulants like tea, coffee and certain foods in the evening

• relaxation techniques to help deal with worries or an overactive mind when you want to switch off

• a regular bedtime

• avoiding screens for 30 minutes before you sleep

Sometimes you may need more help. Did you know that a very common side effect of acupuncture is a better night's sleep? Acupuncture releases natural feel good and pain relieving substances in the body so you could benefit in other ways too. If you are having trouble sleeping, try acupuncture for a drug free solution.

See Philippa Summers for acupuncture at West Norwood Therapies on Tuesdays and Fridays by appointment.

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