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A guide to which of my colleagues to see while I'm on maternity leave

By West Norwood Therapies Team, May 4 2016 01:00PM

Our aroma-sports fusion massage therapist Jennie Duck is off on maternity leave so here is her recommendation of who to see in her absence depending on what you usually see her for

My massage treatments work along a sliding scale of 1-5, from a purely relaxing focus to a more vigourous sports and remedial focus. The majority of my treatments fall somewhere in the middle and I know that a lot of my clients enjoy having elements of different styles in their massages.

And now I am off on maternity leave for the remainder of the year I want my clients to feel comfortable seeing someone else for massage. I have a fantastic team of trusted colleagues and to a degree it comes down to who you 'click' with best, so you may want to try more than one to find the right fit - we all understand this and work collaboratively. so don't worry about offending anyone!

Here is a rough guide to help you choose, based on the fusion scale pictured above:

No.1 or No.2 Relaxing massage with soothing to medium pressure and/or aromatherapy - see Veronica or Melinda

No.2 or No.3 If you like a pretty relaxing massage but would like a bit of firmness then Erika is a good option, she does more deep tissue work, and Melinda does too. You could also see Veronica if more on the no.2 side

No.4 If you're more at the firm end of the spectrum then see Erika, Tessa or Jenny. Erika works deeply and will be more focussed on relaxation too, while Tessa and Jenny have a sportier, more clinical approach (but can still throw in some more relaxing work if you ask them :-)

No.5 If you want the full sporty experience then go with Tessa or Jenny (and if you have an injury or need some diagnosis then see our osteopath Yinka - she does a lot of soft tissue work and is a safe pair of hands for assessment and diagnosis)

Pregnancy massage Everyone can treat pregnant women (indeed I've had treatments from them all - lucky ducky that I am ;-) so you can still be guided by the above. Veronica and Melinda have a special interest in pregnancy and use lovely aromatherapy oils as well

Other pregnancy treatments

Acupuncuture with Philippa can help with all aspects from fertility and conception through to natural induction

Osteopathy with Yinka can help if you experience any pelvic pain or back pain (good to get to this early and try to avert longer term issues)

Nutritional therapy with Rebecca can help with a lot of hormonal and digestive aspects

And he's a good friend of the WNT team rather than a member, but Matthew Atwell is a great resource for pre and post-natal pilates

So I hope this helps and you enjoy the treatments you receive in my absence. It's good to see different therapists, and can be helpful to get a fresh take on things. I'll be back in the new year so see you then :-)

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