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A local approach in a global time

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jan 11 2017 11:00AM

WNT founder and massage therapist, Jennie Duck, shares her reflections from 2016 and plans for a local approach to life and work in 2017

An important aspect of how we work at West Norwood Therapies is our monthly get-together to discuss, share and consider aspects of our clinic and individual practices. Our December meeting, fuelled by some delicious mince pies made by Philippa and a drop of prosecco, was a reflective one - we each shared some reflections looking back over 2016, both professional and personal, and thoughts about the new year ahead.

My personal and professional reflections had an overlap. 2016 was an immense year for me in which I became a mother, fell in love harder than ever and my day to day priorities shifted. My other baby, West Norwood Therapies, also grew in 2016 with a new room, practitioners and classes.

It was also the year of the very visible rise of the hard right and the concept of 'post-truth' which surely would make any left-leaning, truth-valuing new mum flinch at what world she has brought her child into...

My conclusion is that it's a time for local caring and sharing. Without closing my ears completely to world events (I'm still fascinated by how things will unfold), my focus will be ever more on my immediate surroundings. How my son interacts with the world around him will be governed by the world I show him in these early years. I believe in the goodness of humanity and will do my best to show him what that is. He is off to a good start with an adoring family and a constant flow of good will from friends and colleagues since his time in utero.

In professional terms, acting local is very important in our field. We are, as individual therapists and teachers, in a privileged position of caring for people in a very intimate environment. We meet clients at all sorts of stages in their lives and days , and our job is to offer non-judgemental and practical support. We are also a team of practitioners who have entered into a contract with one another to offer peer support and to work towards a common goal of offering quality care to our local community.

And West Norwood Therapies is also a business which comes with its own set of responsibilities. As I wrote in my blog Growing Gracefully - growth and the WNT ethos it is a business which values multi-faceted growth. Now more than ever I think it is important we chase more than the bottom line and our focus at West Norwood Therapies will continue to be developing our network and professional practice in a warm, thoughtful and optimistic environment.

Jennie Duck is still on maternity leave and will be returning to work to see existing clients in February

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