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A recipe for elderflower cordial - yumm

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jun 10 2015 08:00AM

Our osteopath and yoga teacher, Yinka brings you this tasty seasonal recipe.

Packed with vitamin C, this cordial is easy to make and you can combine picking the flowers with a walk. My top tip is to take a picking stick with you. A long stick, which you can use to reach up to higher branches with. This will save straining your back, shoulders neck joints.*

May and June is the time of year to look for these fragrant delicate flowers which are found almost everywhere. The best ones are creamy yellow in colour. Do not pick them if they have any brown bits. If possible pick them on a dry morning.

Ingredients: 35 elderflower heads/sprigs, 1.36kg sugar or sugar alternative, 1.7l boiling water, 57g citric acid, 2 lemons and 2 oranges.

Equipment: 2 large saucepans or plastic buckets, a sieve and a large piece of muslin cloth, a funnel, about 4 glass bottles, a piece of rubber tubing to use as a siphon.

Method: Place the sugar in the large saucepan, and pour over the boiling water, stir to dissolve. Allow the sugary water to cool. Tip in the citric acid, and stir. Slice the lemons and oranges and add these. Give each flower head a shake and discard any which are dropping flowers. Add the flower heads to the liquid.

Cover the pan with a lid or a cloth and leave for 1-2 days. If it starts to ferment you are making champagne not cordial (and that is another story). Once the mash is ready place the muslin in the sieve and sieve the liquid into another large container. Let the contents settle whilst you sterilise your bottles. Do this by placing them in a medium oven without their caps for 10 minutes. Carefully pour or siphon your cordial into your sterilised bottles. Store bottled cordial in the fridge otherwise it will ferment.

* For advice on muscular or joint pain or if you are not sure quite what the problem is contact Yinka on 07951437402 or go to

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