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A romantic birth?!

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Feb 14 2018 09:00AM

Hypnobirthing teacher Clare Butler looks at the possibility of you having a romatic experience during your baby's birth...a time for romance, really?!

A romantic birth?! You heard right. Here is how…

You don’t often hear the words ‘romantic’ and ‘birth’ in the same sentence and to some the idea may sound unbelievable and/or a bit cheesy, but please hear me out…

I am not claiming that you will be able to enjoy a relaxed dinner together in a restaurant whilst sipping wine and flirting. What I am saying is that throughout labour it is possible for you to both experience copious bursts of oxytocin (the hormone of love) rather than default to fight, flight, freeze mode.

It is possible for your birth partner to be part of the process (not just feel it) and to truly be your emotional, physical and mental support. You can feel extra close, happy and that you are going through labour together as partners who love and deeply care for one another. Romantic right?! The result is not only a baby (hooray!) but also a truly positive birth experience for you BOTH.

Hypnobirthing enables this and has led to many people describing it as ‘romantic’. See, it’s not just me! Here is how…

1) Hypnobirthing involves preparation. You will attend a class together, read the same materials and when possible practice relaxation together. Well in advance of labour you are then both on the same page, you have decided together what your birth preferences are and both of you feel empowered, equipped and ready.

2) Hypnobirthing gives the birth partner a role. They are not just the transport organiser, bath runner and cord cutter. No way! The birth partner is given guidance on how they can support their loved one in pregnancy, birth and beyond. In particular, they are taught how they can keep their birth partner in a hypnbobirth bubble of relaxation and calm throughout labour.

3) Hypnobirthing helps prepare you for any ‘pot holes’ or diversions along the birth journey (basically any unplanned events) so that the birth partner can calmly bat away any adrenaline that may be creeping into either them or their loved one. They can instead make informed decisions and feel in control and calm throughout.

Are you interested in having this type of birth experience? For more information on hypnobirthing courses please contact

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