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AMAZING Mums Explained

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Mar 8 2018 09:31AM

With Mother's day approaching, hypnobirthing teacher Clare Butler shares what she thinks makes mums AMAZING!

To all you mums out there - please remember that you are amazing!

A – Admired. I suddenly panicked as I was having my flu jab and saw the needle. I had thought it would be a great exercise to bring my then 3-year-old along to show her that vaccinations are nothing to worry about. I had to get my brave face on and not twitch as the needle approached…. the pressure… Our little ones admire us, and we have to set an example. The same goes during pregnancy - talk to your baby and teach your baby how to relax by doing your daily hypnobirthing relaxation practice. A win-win right?

M – Multi-task. Wow you really rock at this. Holding my baby whilst breastfeeding, cleaning up cat sick and counting with my daughter is one of my favourites – a classic combination. Note to employers: You are lucky to have us mums. We go back to work after maternity leave twice as efficient, goal orientated and no longer having a love for aimless ‘chit chat’ – we just don’t have time! Don’t even get me started on your multi-tasking body during pregnancy – amazing.

A –Absolute. Mums you are utterly everything to your child as they grow inside you. You nurture and protect them with your mind and body. If you are relaxed and calm, then so is your baby. Isn’t your body astounding? Once they are born, are we still absolute to them? Maybe not, but if the constant repetition of the word “Mummy” “Mummy” “Mummy” is anything to go by we are still a pretty big deal.

Z – Zen Masters. As you birth your baby you can get in your birth zone. Enter a deep relaxed state, lose concept of time and go inwards. Surrender to your body and baby and let them do their thing. What about later in motherhood? You can use this skill to filter out sounds and stay calm (I’m thinking mainly sibling quarrels). You ARE a Zen Master!

I – Incredible. The body and mind are so powerful together. Similar to how sports professionals use sports psychologists, many pregnant women turn to hypnobirthing. If you enter labour confidently with visualisation, breathing and relaxation techniques, then it is more likely that you will have a positive birth experience. There is not enough room here to detail the incredible power of the body and mind during labour. My message? Believe that there is a strong connection.

N – “No”. Before motherhood we may have shied away from difficult conversations and considered “no” to be negative, but as mums we enter a strong protection mode and have the courage to say “no” in the interest of our children. Whether it be the constant “No you cannot play with that, it is not safe” or a simple “No thank you” to another adult, Mum’s are able to evaluate risks and benefits, decide, stand up and say it.

G – Girl power. I was a spice girl fan and I can proudly say that my 20month old can garble a shouted “Girl Power!” with a fist pump to match. That is probably as overt as I get on this topic, but I should probably say more. I meet pregnant women all the time and am in awe of their bodies, determination and strength. I am also constantly touched by how women support each other during pregnancy and motherhood. Girl power indeed.

Want to unleash the amazing mum in you during pregnancy? Get in touch and book your hypnobirthing class.

Please share with the pregnant lady in your life.

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