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Acupuncture doubles the success of IVF

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Mar 13 2017 10:00AM

Our acupuncturist, Philippa Summers, shares some exciting new reserarch showing the positive impact of acupuncture on IVF outcomes

A recent study at the Homerton University Hospital demonstrated that acupuncture alongside IVF doubled the number of clinical pregnancies, with a corresponding increase in live births. The study followed 127 women aged between 23 and 43, on their first or second cycle of IVF. They were split into two groups – one having four sessions of acupuncture while undergoing IVF, and the other having none. Among the treatment group, 46.2 per cent conceived – more than twice as many as in the non-acupuncture group, where 21.7 per cent of the women became pregnant.

The treatment involved 2 sessions of acupuncture during the stimulation phase of IVF plus a treatment either side of Embryo Transfer. Acupuncture can help during IVF in many ways - improving egg quality, increasing the number of follicles, supporting optimal uterine lining, helping relaxation to reduce stress, reducing uterine contractions when embryo is transferred and lessening the side effects of IVF drugs.

As well as the obvious benefits to IVF outcomes, women consistently say how much easier they found IVF when they were supported by acupuncture treatments. It is an emotional journey as you await the results at each stage of the process. Acupuncture treatments provide an opportunity to talk about the results and help you to maintain a positive focus and relax.

Many of the benefits apply equally to supporting couples trying to conceive naturally.

The study was presented at the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) in July 2016 by Karin Gillerman MBAcC and an article was appeared in the Telegraph.

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