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Back to school and giving birth

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Aug 29 2018 08:00AM

Hypnobirthing teacher Clare Butler shares some thoughts on how education and practice can really positively impact your birthing experience. Meet Clare at our Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond workshop on Saturday 22nd September or attend her Essentials class on Thursday 13th September. More info

As back to school approaches, I can’t help but think of the parallels between education and giving birth. Knowledge really is power during labour. If you understand how your body and mind can work together in labour, then you can experience giving birth with confidence, feeling calm and relaxed. This is the great benefit of hypnobirthing.

I highlight to all my clients the importance of practice in hypnobirthing. It is not like getting ready for an exam though…. It really is the nicest practice you could ever wish for – simply practice relaxing each day

during pregnancy. As well as preparing you for giving birth, it is a lovely way to reduce the daily burst of stress hormone (cortisol) that may be lingering in your body.

Remember doing case studies at school? I don’t use them in hypnobirthing, but something very similar. I am a firm believer in sharing positive birth stories. This helps expectant couples realise that a positive birth experience is possible and, in turn, gives them confidence for labour.

With this in mind, I wanted to share that I was fortunate enough to teach my old school friend Amy earlier this year and she recently gave birth to baby Theo. Amy embraced the practice guidance I gave her and, I am happy to say, that she had a very positive birth experience. Amy found giving birth hard work (it is called labour for a reason!) but the hypnobirthing techniques and the work she put in was invaluable.


If you are interested in hypnobirthing then please get in contact for more information clare@thehypnobirthinghome.com. The next Hypnobirthing Essentials course is on Thursday 13th September 1-5pm £165. Full course and private 1to1 sessions are also available.

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