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Blogtastic – a blog about blogs…and choosing a therapist

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Nov 14 2018 09:00AM

WNT founder Jennie Duck and absentee massage therapist writes a blog about blogs and encourages you to have a browse of historic blogs to get a feel for individual practitioners' approaches

One of the things we do as a team at WNT is contribute towards a monthly blog. This is partly to offer some tips, insights and ideas to all of you lovely clients, but it is also to help give you a flavour of us as individual therapists.

Choosing a therapist to go and see can be a bit daunting – ideally you want someone you warm to and feel safe with. Of course you want a treatment that fits your needs and preferences, but arguably the connection you have with the practitioner is a strong determiner of this. I have had massages where my enjoyment of the company of the therapist has made the after effects of the treatment last way longer - I think this is because I have been more relaxed during the session, because I have felt able to laugh, moan or cry as needed in that environment, because I have felt understood and some sort of solidarity, and also because all of those things have meant my body was able to trust the therapists hands to do what they needed to do!

I know each of the practitioners well and what I love about the blogs is that they really reflect the personalities and treatment approaches of the practitioners. I have spent several hours of late putting links to historic blogs on the profile pages of each practitioner and it has taken all the longer to do that fiddly task as I have been re-connecting with my colleagues and friends through reading their words. Which has made a mundane task a nourishing experience!

If you have any uncertainties about who to see and / or you’re interested in finding out more how one or all of our practitioners works then I urge you to go and have a browse. There is a wealth of information in there and you can really get a feel for the individual approach and personality of our varied, lovely, thoughtful, wise and skilled team of practitioners.

Find our blogs on our profile pages- click on a practitioner to get to their profile page

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