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Enabling every body.

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jan 25 2018 10:00AM

Osteopath and yoga teacher Yinka Fabusuyi shares some thoughts on her approach to her work and the subtle effects of yoga.

The recently ended festive season has been a good opportunity to meet new people and make contact with old friends. I was asked a few times over the party season what I did for a living, and I said I was an osteopath and a yoga teacher. As is often the case with the start of a new year, I have been doing some thinking about my work. Osteopathy and yoga for me are about working with the whole person and I am interested in what people do with their bodies on a day to day basis, and how this may have some bearing on what has brought them to me. This patient centred approach addresses stress points (physical and mental) by helping people to see the connection between the two, and coming up with a tailor made treatment strategy.

My osteopathic treatment involves helping to decrease pain, improving mobility, supporting people through exercise and recovery from injury or surgery and signposting things that may be of additional help. The pathway of care starts with a discussion, and moves onto observation and examination. This is followed by a joint agreement to proceed with hands-on treatment. My approach to yoga has some overlapping features including using my observational skills to modify and adapt my small group classes for the needs of the individual. I aim to allow all who have come along to participate fully. This can sometimes mean doing things a little differently, going slowly, changing the pace of the class, and modifying techniques or postures.

This can have unexpected benefits, for example I was really touched when a new comer to my yoga class told me that she had been able to run up the stairs for the first time in ages with no problem. She said “All due to yoga– 20 years of gym work have not achieved this!” Resolving to exercise can involve all forms of strengthening and conditioning, osteopathic treatment and yoga, whilst not for everyone might be what your body needs.

Yinka Fabusuyi

Osteopath and Yoga teacher.

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