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Feet first

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jul 28 2015 08:00AM

Toes. Neglected, squashed, and under appreciated. Summer sandals bring some relief for our foot digits but it is often short lived.

Did you know that wearing high heels over a long duration (years) can predispose you to a condition known as Morton’s neuroma. This is a condition in which the nerves between the third and fourth, and less commonly the second and third toes, become irritated by fibrous tissue developing around them. The symptoms are pain and tingling between the toes, pain in the balls of the foot and in extreme cases painful clicking of the affected toes. The pain is worse on walking or standing.

As we age the choice of footwear increasingly contributes to the chances of developing Morton's neuroma as the arches of the foot tend to flatten and the toes spread. As the foot changes in this way it is less able to cope with being squashing into a narrow toed shoe such as a stiletto. This type of shoe constricts the toes which can inflame the tendons and irritate surrounding nerves. The base of the toe bones are also subject to increased pressure.

TIP: We're in peak season for graduation balls and weddings so if your outfit includes narrow or constricting shoes then why not pop a pair of flatter shoes in your bag for dancing and walking home. Your feet will thank you!

If you do have pain in your feet and toes Osteopathy can help to diagnose the problem which can be addressed with treatment or advice about where you can get help.

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