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Giving birth - How to play your best game!

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jul 5 2017 08:00AM

Hypnobirthing teacher, Clare Butler, suggests how you can approach birth like a pro sportsman and gives you some tips to have a winning experience...

It is that time of year again. Sit down, relax (with a bowl of strawberries of course) and watch the likes of Murray and Williams play to their full potential. After much practice, and physical and mental preparation, they are ready to win. Giving birth is no different. Here are some hypnobirthing musts that will help you play your A game.

Fans & support

Granted, you won’t have screaming hordes of fans but I bet you have many supportive friends and family. In advance of and during labour, allow yourself to feel the love and hear the crowd roar that “you are great and you can give birth!”


Every tennis player knows they must put the practice in. It may sound a bit odd but giving birth is no different. Practice your breathing, visualisation and the ability to relax. I promise you that the effort will pay off.

Warm up

Avoid any leg and thigh ache in labour by familiarising yourself with different birth positions in advance. Exercising during pregnancy isn’t for everyone (me included) but a bit of yoga, pilates or simply trying to practice your breathing in a range of positions can go a long way.

Power thoughts

Professional sports players employ a sports psychologist for a reason. Positive thinking does wonders and produces results. Think power thoughts like Serenna and learn how to focus the mind like Murray. Professional sports players also use visualisation and practice visualising themselves winning tournaments, hitting the winning shot and lifting the cup. Consider hypnobirthing as your sports psychology. Oh and pleasse try and avoid negativity - politely walk away when your “friend” starts to tell you about their negative birth experience and, funny as it may be, DO NOT watch Knocked Up.

Best of luck with the game. I am sure that you will do fantastic. Remember the prize that you will get at the end!

I almost forgot….make sure that you stay hydrated throughout.

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