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Growing Gracefully - growth and the WNT ethos

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Oct 31 2016 10:00AM

With a new room and new therapists WNT founder, Jennie Duck, shares what growth means to the West Norwood Therapies team and how sharing and support are integral to our success

West Norwood Therapies celebrated its 2nd birthday in October and as we toddle into our 3rd year things are looking a little different from when we set out a team of 6 collaborating in one lovely bright spacious room.

Now we have pretty much doubled with 11 of us working in 2 rooms. We have expanded what we have to offer - the lovely bright spacious room now hosts fantastic Pilates classes and yoga classes as well as sticking to it’s original massage roots (I worked in there on my own before setting up WNT in 2014). The new room is smaller and cosier - clients so far have appreciated the warm and snug feel to it. We now have a nutritional therapist, 7 massage therapists (covering pretty much any kind of massage you could want!), an osteopath, acupuncturist, facial reflexologist, 2 yoga teachers and a pilates teacher.

I’m excited that we are growing, but ‘growing’ to me means much more than expanding in size. At the heart of WNT is the ethos of sharing and support. That’s how we work as individual practitioners - we share our skills and offer support to our clients. And it’s how we work as a clinic - we meet each month to share ideas and plans, we offer one another peer support. Us growing as a clinic means those relationships developing and our network getting stronger. That benefits us as practitioners and also means we are better equipped to ensure our clients get to the right practitioner for their needs.

I’m very proud of WNT and how it is growing. My seed of an idea has evolved and it has been the sharing and support - and the belief that these things are important - of the team that has shaped things, and I hope will continue to do so as we grow in size too.

Jennie Duck is currently on maternity leave (from massage at least!) - she will be offering some treatments to existing clients from December.

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