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In need of a post-Trick or Treatment?

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Nov 5 2015 09:00AM

West Norwood Therapies' sports and remedial massage specialist Tessa Glover has some first aid tips and advises you to keep safe this Bonfire night.

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween festivities and woke up to November pain-free? As according to research, one of most common causes of injuries over the Halloween period (apart from lacerating hands while pumpkin cutting) is slipping on over-long costumes or Autumn leaves. This can result in anything from a sprained ankle, to a bruised or fractured coccyx.

If you can move the joint or limb but it is difficult to walk pain free or swelling is apparent, when you get home apply the RICE principle:

Rest: Stop using the injured body part immediately. If you feel pain when you move, this is your body sending a signal to decrease mobility of the injured area.

Ice: Apply an ice pack to the injured area, using a towel or cover to protect your skin from frostbite. Try to use something with a shape that will hug the area such as a bag of frozen peas. Leave on for 15 mins, then remove for 5 and continue at intervals. Take off before you go to bed.

Compression: Use a pressure bandage or wrap over the ice pack to help reduce swelling. Never tighten the bandage or wrap to the point of cutting off blood flow. You should not feel pain or a tingly sensation while using compression.

Elevation: Raise or prop up the injured area so that it rests above the level of your heart.

If by the morning the symptoms have not subsided or have become worse then visit your GP or A&E.

When you’ve allowed at least 48 hours after injury (or 6 weeks plus following a fracture) you can help recovery with a Deep Tissue Massage.

The pressure of the therapist's hands improves blood flow and muscles become warmer especially when aided with the Wavestone massage tool. By stretching tight tissues and breaking down adhesions, massage can help flush out swelling in joints, allowing for quicker healing.

When you trek out for bonfire night, make sure you’re wearing footwear with good grip and watch your step!

Tessa is at West Norwood Therapies on Thursday mornings, Friday evenings and the second Saturday of each month.

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