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Meet Erika - West Norwood Therapies' new deep tissue massage specialist

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Apr 18 2016 11:10AM

I am very excited to be a new pair of hands at west Norwood therapies, new to the clinic but old hands when it comes to massage. Approaching 20 years of hands on work, so you could say "an old hand new hands"

I have been coming to see Jennie Duck for my own benefit for a little while now. She has been a saviour to my body and I found the way she works to resonate with how I intend my treatments to be.

Apart from the lovely energy from Jennie I also loved the energy of the space. A surprising secret sanctuary tucked away behind a busy high street. I love things like that, a piece of magic right within the ordinary.

My work as a roaming therapist visiting homes, has taken me into some extraordinary fantastic and varied spaces and places in and around London. However sometimes there is a bit of a challenge to create a big enough and peaceful space to work whilst having to negotiate precious art work, avoiding spilling oil on delicate carpets or stepping on bits of Lego.

So when Jennie announced her pregnancy i thought there might be a need for an other pair of hands at West Norwood Therapies.

Now I am looking forward to working from this lovely space.

I hope to see you soon!

Erika is at West Norwood Therapies on Tuesday afternoon/evenings and every other Friday afternoon

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