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Migraine sufferers…read on!

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jul 21 2015 08:00AM

Do you suffer from migraines? Did you know that acupuncture can significantly reduce intensity, duration and frequency of migraine attacks with lasting results. It can help to reduce your reliance on medication and may even get rid of them completely.

A course of about 6 weekly acupuncture treatments can reduce the intensity of pain and frequency of attacks dramatically. It has been shown to benefit 80-90% of sufferers with the majority reducing their symptoms by more than 1/3 and with results maintained at a 3 year follow-up in over half the people. In a trial of severely affected people, all of whom had been referred to a neurologist, acupuncture improved their symptoms by almost 60%.

Migraine affects about 20% of the UK population, mostly women, and can have a debilitating effect on quality of life. The medications available often have limited effectiveness and all can give rise to unpleasant side effects, which is just one reason many sufferers turn to acupuncture for help. In one study 75% of patients reduced their drug intake by at least half.

Migraine is a complex constellation of symptoms affecting several body systems and varies enormously from one person to the next. Acupuncture treatments are highly individualised and will be tailored to your particular needs, addressing associated symptoms and triggers as well as the actual migraine symptoms.

Our acupuncturist, Philippa often incorporates some massage to relieve muscle tension that is frequently associated with migraines, as well as looking at lifestyle and dietary issues to get the best possible results.

Philippa is at West Norwood Therapies on Tuesdays and Fridays. See Philippa's profile page for contact details.

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