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Migraines, massage and more

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Oct 1 2015 08:00AM

Our founder and massage therapist, Jennie Duck, shares the benefits of the collaborative approach at West Norwood Therapies

One of the most valuable aspects of our approach at West Norwood Therapies is our teamwork and skills sharing, which benefits each of us as therapists as well as you as a client.

Each month we get together for a team meeting and dedicate part of this to continued professional development (CPD). We all come from different backgrounds and our treatments vary so it is helpful to understand one another’s approach so we can refer and collaborate more effectively.

Over the summer one of our meetings focussed on migraines and how each of us would approach treatment for clients suffering from persistent migraines. As a massage therapist who combines deep tissue techniques with relaxation, my treatments for migraines sufferers tend to be quite focussed around the head, shoulders and neck, with lots of deep release of muscles and fascia (connective tissue) combined with gentler work around the head to help people let go and release stress.

An osteopathic approach would be more diagnostic, trying to get an understanding of the type of migraine or other headache and what medical or biomechanical contributing factors there are.

And acupuncture has incredible results, particularly when a hormonal link is established (which there often is). Visit our blog at to read more in the blog ‘Migraine on!’ by our acupuncturist, Philippa Summers.

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