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Summer Rugby For All at Old Alleynians

By West Norwood Therapies Team, May 17 2017 08:00AM

Acupuncturist and rugby novice, Philippa Summers, shares information about local touch rugby sessions and new women's rugby team launching later this month

Rugby is a sport that is moving with the times and has something to offer the whole family. Your local club, Old Alleynians in Dulwich puts community, inclusivity and opportunities to get involved at the heart of everything it does, both on and off the field. Although the main season has just finished, over the summer there are opportunities for everyone to play through weekly touch rugby sessions starting on June 3rd and the launch of the new Women’s team on May 27th.

Touch rugby: a gentle and social introduction to the game.

Touch Rugby, Every Saturday from June 3rd, 10am - noon, Old Alleynians, SE21 7HA

Touch rugby is the summer’s answer to rugby and sociable fun way to support your fitness. It is non-contact, so the tackles and scrums have been removed along with many of the complicated rules of rugby union. What remains is a game that relies on throwing, catching, running, dodging and using your wits to see the breaks and gaps and go for the tries. As a PE teacher friend of mine pointed out, playing a team sport switches on your brain in a way that other forms of exercise do not, as you have to think and react to what is happening around you.

I had never played rugby before and felt I was too old to start but I played a game of touch for the first time recently and surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it. It felt so good to play in a team. The other players were a mixed bunch - some seasoned players, some newbies like myself, people who had been playing for a few months, men and women, all ages, all sizes, all abilities - all playing together. I doubt there are many team sports that manage such diversity. The emphasis is firmly on fun and inclusion - everyone is warmly welcomed and given nothing but encouragement.

Please note, there are no changing facilities or refreshments available so please bring what you need.

Women’s Rugby: Find Your #InnerWarrior

Women’s Rugby Taster Day, Saturday 27th May, 11am-3pm, Old Alleynians, SE21 7HA

Girl’s rugby has taken off in a big way over the past few years and this summer there is a collective focus on getting women’s teams together. It is jointly aimed at providing the girls coming through from the U18s teams with an opportunity to play and also opening up the benefits and challenges of rugby to more women, many of whom will not have played before.

The club will be offering a couple of hours of fitness, conditioning, rugby specific games and training to give you a real feel for the game. There will be something for everyone no matter what your skill, confidence or fitness level. The taster day is a chance to find more about rugby and also to see if you’d be interested in joining the new Old Alleynians Women’s Rugby Team starting in September 2017 and maybe continuing your interest through the summer touch rugby sessions.

You will be made very welcome. Give it a try!

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