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Top tip for expectant Dads

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jun 13 2018 08:00AM

Hypnobirthing teacher Clare Butler's partner Rob shares his introduction - and subsequent conversion - to hypnobirthing and how it helped with his daughters' births.

“Hypnobirthing?...”. I was reluctant and fairly sceptical ahead of our first hypnobirthing session. We had already arranged to do an antenatal course and, to be honest, the name alone put me off. However, being a dutiful husband, I was willing to go along.

We turned up at the course and, living up to my expectations, there was a candle flickering in the corner and we were offered a rose water infused muffin. Oh no, what had I let myself in for? Everyone introduced themselves and amongst the open minded enthusiastic attendees I felt slightly out of place.

However, as the course progressed, the logic of what we were being taught really started to sink in. There were great similarities with techniques we had been taught at work for handling nerves when speaking in front of large audiences, and also to breathing and visualisation techniques used by sports people to make sure that they perform at their highest level and do not let fear and anxiety get in the way.

If anyone asks me now about the birth of our two children, or about hypnobirthing in general, then I cannot speak highly enough about it. Hypnobirthing gives the birth partner a role and equips them with skills and techniques to help both them and the mum throughout the birth. It was amazing and I am so grateful that a random person at a wedding told Clare about it. Both Clare and I felt in control, calm and relaxed, and enjoyed two really positive homebirths. It was a really wonderful experience.

My new parent tip? Do hypnobirthing. Happy Fathers Day. Visit for more information.

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