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Yoga = Super Powers

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Sep 20 2017 08:00AM

Yoga teacher Emma Klein looks at some steps you can take to obtain some yogic super powers...

So, everyone knows that by practicing yoga they can get super powers, right?

Wait, what? You mean like Clark Kent, superman type super powers?

Yes! No! Ok, Maybe. . . . . . .

The final step in the yogic journey is enlightenment, and one of the benefits or shall we say side effects of enlightenment is siddhis or special powers. These powers are rumoured to be anything from levitation to invisibility, but one of the rules of obtaining siddhis, like fight club, is to never talk about your siddhis!

So how do I obtain these super powers you might ask?

Well, there are multiple ways, but the one that is said to be the easiest to follow is Patanjali’s Ashatanga or Eight Limbed Path. Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most common Paths followed today as it gives very clear steps with clear results. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s are a systemic and practical method to enlightenment. Some of the steps are easier to follow than others but they can be grouped into sections to make it easier to master.

• Building your foundations through Yamas and Niyamas (Ethics and Self-observations)

• Steadying the Mind and Body through Asana, Pranayama and Pratyahara (Physical Practice, Breathe Control and Sense Withdrawal)

This involves keeping the body and mind healthy. Through regular exercise (whether that be yoga or not), being aware of the breath and how it affects our body and working on being able to step back and quiet our minds

• Moving deeper within the mind through Dharana and Dhyana (Concentration and Meditation)

Training the mind to not wonder, and to be completely still for extended periods of time.

• Reaching Samadhi / Enlightenment (Bliss)

The culmination, where even the sense of being falls away and a person is no longer weighed down by earthly things, experiencing true peace and finally gaining super powers.

One of the translations of the formal definition of Yoga is: “Yoga is the restraint of the fluctuations in the mind.”

Yoga is finding true stillness of mind. With this true stillness of mind comes enlightenment.

The Asana or physical practice are only one aspect of yoga, and anything that helps you to discipline and find stillness of mind can be referred to as yoga.

Good luck on your Yogic Journeys



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