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By West Norwood Therapies Team, Mar 8 2019 09:46AM

WNT founder Jennie Duck reflects on what it means to her to work with the Wonderful Women of WNT and how the tone of the team helps nurture the culture of the clinic and studio.

I hadn’t intended for West Norwood Therapies to become a formidable team of women. Formidable yes, but not only women. We have had a couple of men in the mix over the years, but as we head towards our 5th birthday this October we are 12 (wonderful) women.

And as International Women’s Day arrives I’m reflecting on what that means to me and find it is making me very grateful to have this gang around me.


Support is a core value of WNT so any practitioner who flourishes in the team is a good example of support. Everyone has a sense that our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing matter and have an impact on how business goes. I attribute this to more of a female way of approaching life, but it must be boosted also by our vocations as therapists and teachers! Either way, supporting one another through challenging times helps us be stronger as a team.


Our monthly meetings are a precious time of coming together and we leave feeling nourished. It can be a time for sharing, for peer or business support, and sometimes just a time to connect with other women in a similar role who are all rather lovely, caring and funny :-)


These women are amazing! Everyone is pulled in different directions with varying commitments and pressures and everyone not only copes but flourishes. Our loyal band of clients, students and patients can testify to the level of professionalism and skill each practitioner brings to WNT and its an important core of what we offer – a high standard of client care.


We all bring something different to the table at WNT and this helps us practice with integrity and to be constantly evolving and learning in our professional environment. We inspire each other but we also let each other inspire us, an important distinction in strong team work.


Living in Scotland now it’s hard to socialise with the team as much, but I still call in for team meetings and come down for meetings and social events a few times a year and it’s always fun! There is a light heartedness that can be found in sincerity which I believe nurtures compassion and integrity – again these are integral to the values and goals of WNT.

All of this is especially important because the environment we create and nurture as a team sets the tone for our clinic and studio. We reflect on our values regularly and are conscious to practice with integrity in a very down to earth, human and warm way.

I love the team at WNT and I am proud to be part of this gang of Wonderful Women :-)

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Nov 14 2018 09:00AM

WNT founder Jennie Duck and absentee massage therapist writes a blog about blogs and encourages you to have a browse of historic blogs to get a feel for individual practitioners' approaches

One of the things we do as a team at WNT is contribute towards a monthly blog. This is partly to offer some tips, insights and ideas to all of you lovely clients, but it is also to help give you a flavour of us as individual therapists.

Choosing a therapist to go and see can be a bit daunting – ideally you want someone you warm to and feel safe with. Of course you want a treatment that fits your needs and preferences, but arguably the connection you have with the practitioner is a strong determiner of this. I have had massages where my enjoyment of the company of the therapist has made the after effects of the treatment last way longer - I think this is because I have been more relaxed during the session, because I have felt able to laugh, moan or cry as needed in that environment, because I have felt understood and some sort of solidarity, and also because all of those things have meant my body was able to trust the therapists hands to do what they needed to do!

I know each of the practitioners well and what I love about the blogs is that they really reflect the personalities and treatment approaches of the practitioners. I have spent several hours of late putting links to historic blogs on the profile pages of each practitioner and it has taken all the longer to do that fiddly task as I have been re-connecting with my colleagues and friends through reading their words. Which has made a mundane task a nourishing experience!

If you have any uncertainties about who to see and / or you’re interested in finding out more how one or all of our practitioners works then I urge you to go and have a browse. There is a wealth of information in there and you can really get a feel for the individual approach and personality of our varied, lovely, thoughtful, wise and skilled team of practitioners.

Find our blogs on our profile pages- click on a practitioner to get to their profile page

By West Norwood Therapies Team, May 31 2018 09:47AM

Lauren O'Sullivan joins the WNT team this June as a sports massage therapist and she wrote a blog about her journey to this point and what she is excited about in joining the team. Welcome Lauren!

Something that I have been eager to do ever since I qualified in Sports massage, I can proudly announce that I will be starting a Tuesday afternoon clinic at West Norwood Therapies on 5th June. My client base and bookings have been steadily rising through my independent mobile massage service and I could not be more grateful. I must say though, it can feel a bit isolated sometimes which is why I am so excited to tell you about West Norwood Therapies and the great inclusive community vibe they have.

When I first launched my business in March nobody really prepared me for how tough it would be to market myself and advertise my business. I had my massage couch, couch roll, oils, lotions, a qualification, insurance and most importantly my hands - I was ready for clients! But the trouble was they weren't ready for me, or to put it more accurately, they didn't have a clue I existed. It was then that I longed for a support network, a nice organisation to umbrella myself under and be seen by potential clients. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and I wondered out into the expanse of the internet alone, armed with my determination and passion to grow my own client base from scratch.

In the beginning it felt tortoise-like, a tortoise that has just eaten a whole grocery shelf of cabbages and can't move from the food coma. But with a little help from my friends and the great wonders of Facebook group pages, it started happening. Because I had done it purely by myself, each client interest and booking felt 100 times more amazing and every time I did a little mini celebration. I am proud that I took my business off the ground with my own two hands but I now have the opportunity to spark a little fire under it with the support of a community and clinic network. Allow me to introduce West Norwood Therapies.

West Norwood Therapies is a team of complementary health professionals who work together to offer a broad range of therapies and classes to the local community. As well as massage the clinic offers osteopathy, acupuncture, pregnancy treatments and classes in yoga, pilates and hypnobirthing. Being a dancer, I am passionate about yoga and pilates to help me maintain my form and stay in shape. I think they are such great practices to get involved with no matter what your background and can help to develop a stable core and promote efficiency in your day to day movement. If a clients muscular imbalance is due to poor flexibility or an inefficient movement framework then I always recommend yoga and/or pilates to help rectify the problem and prevent further complications and bad habits.

That is what is so great about West Norwood Therapies. We are a team and ultimately provide a complete spectrum of practices all under one roof! We are a community and are there for each other for advice, marketing, support and to generally make being self-employed a bit more fun and less isolating. All of the practitioners contribute to a blog, speaking about different topics related to them and their interests making it a really unique and engaging read every time. I hope to do it justice when it comes around to my turn!

I am already excited to attend my first Feast festival this Sunday 3rd June. Me and two of the WNT team will be handing out flyers and no doubt sampling all of the yummy food on offer. Happening every first Sunday of the month (April - December) 10am - 4pm at 5 different sites around West Norwood station and along Norwood Road, Feast is a volunteer powered street market festival. Find out more at If you're local to West Norwood come along, it's not to be missed.

As it will be my first clinic hours on Tuesday 5th June, I am keen to fill my slots between 2:30 - 5:30pm. If you are interested in booking a massage and available, please message me for more details on SPECIAL OPENING RATES.

Check back to the blog soon for more updates on upcoming events I will be attending as part of the West Norwood Therapies team. Exciting times ahead!

Stay fabulous.

Lauren x

Click to view Lauren's profile and for booking

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jan 11 2017 11:00AM

WNT founder and massage therapist, Jennie Duck, shares her reflections from 2016 and plans for a local approach to life and work in 2017

An important aspect of how we work at West Norwood Therapies is our monthly get-together to discuss, share and consider aspects of our clinic and individual practices. Our December meeting, fuelled by some delicious mince pies made by Philippa and a drop of prosecco, was a reflective one - we each shared some reflections looking back over 2016, both professional and personal, and thoughts about the new year ahead.

My personal and professional reflections had an overlap. 2016 was an immense year for me in which I became a mother, fell in love harder than ever and my day to day priorities shifted. My other baby, West Norwood Therapies, also grew in 2016 with a new room, practitioners and classes.

It was also the year of the very visible rise of the hard right and the concept of 'post-truth' which surely would make any left-leaning, truth-valuing new mum flinch at what world she has brought her child into...

My conclusion is that it's a time for local caring and sharing. Without closing my ears completely to world events (I'm still fascinated by how things will unfold), my focus will be ever more on my immediate surroundings. How my son interacts with the world around him will be governed by the world I show him in these early years. I believe in the goodness of humanity and will do my best to show him what that is. He is off to a good start with an adoring family and a constant flow of good will from friends and colleagues since his time in utero.

In professional terms, acting local is very important in our field. We are, as individual therapists and teachers, in a privileged position of caring for people in a very intimate environment. We meet clients at all sorts of stages in their lives and days , and our job is to offer non-judgemental and practical support. We are also a team of practitioners who have entered into a contract with one another to offer peer support and to work towards a common goal of offering quality care to our local community.

And West Norwood Therapies is also a business which comes with its own set of responsibilities. As I wrote in my blog Growing Gracefully - growth and the WNT ethos it is a business which values multi-faceted growth. Now more than ever I think it is important we chase more than the bottom line and our focus at West Norwood Therapies will continue to be developing our network and professional practice in a warm, thoughtful and optimistic environment.

Jennie Duck is still on maternity leave and will be returning to work to see existing clients in February

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