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By West Norwood Therapies Team, Oct 18 2018 08:19AM

Natural skincare expert Veronica Massa looks at the benefits of facial massage and shares her Special offer £10 OFF valid on bespoke face massage for rejuvenating, face sculpting and tension release. We will work on each aspect of your being to address your needs and desired outcomes.



Your face stores and reveals our emotions. They show through our facial expressions and cannot be hidden or ignored.

Negative emotions create blockages and tension that manifest in our face through contracted expressions, stiffness and aches. With time these facial expressions become habitual, causing our face to age prematurely and chronic symptoms to develop. When these muscular contractions are held for a long time (sometime since we are children) we lose awareness of them, without realizing that, through our facial motions, we are constantly sending messages to our brain. In the process of letting go of stuck emotions, the physiognomy of our face will change as it frees up, and habitual lines will soften. When we learn to express our emotions in a healthier way, let go of old thought patterns and negative perception of ourselves, our face appears brighter, joyful and youthful; we open up to a possibility of loving self-acceptance and respect, allowing the beauty within to harness and shine outwards.


Connect to your femininity saying “yes” to who you are, opening your heart to yourself and let your inner radiance shine through!

It doesn’t matter how good you look from the outside, it’s really what’s in the inside that counts, Your inner radiance is what makes you truly beautiful.

Connect to your femininity saying “yes” to who you are, opening your heart to yourself and let your inner radiance shine through!

It doesn’t matter how good you look from the outside, it’s really what’s in the inside that counts, Your inner radiance is what makes you truly beautiful.

Looking at the before and after picture of this lovely lady (after 6 weeks of facial massage) it is clear the effect that facial muscle stimulation and relaxation can have on someones mood. Her face looks much more open, radiant and bright and her heart is too (just look at her eyes!), she doesn’t only look beautiful but also happier!


Our face is an interface of our brain and through our face we can access the central nervous system, sedating the mind and, when needed, re-wiring brain/nervous system pathways and functions (through facial reflexology and specific exercises).

It doesn’t surprise that the major bodily senses are located in the face (vision, hearing, smell, taste including touch). This allows the shorter possible journey for the messages picked up by our senses to travel to our brain which will respond accordingly.

We can count 564 nerve ending on our face, which is more than we can count on our feet.

Body maps found on the face have been used for centuries in many cultures across the world and still used today in combination with modern neuro/reflex therapy.

Our traumas and negative emotions are stored in our face especially around the Temporal Mandibular Joint and that is why so many people suffer from facial tension, teeth grinding and wear a guard at night to protect their teeth. Clenching the jaw tells a story of anger, frustration, worrying, overthinking and ultimately, fear. It keeps alive the memory of a “trauma” (small or big) holding us on a fight & flight response mode constantly. This mode is exacerbated by stress that, if accumulated and not released, can cause chronic pain in the face (TMJ), head, neck and shoulders, and probably anxiety and insomnia.



Facial massage helps immensely to release what we are holding so tightly, suggesting our nervous system to relax and let go. Reassuring those blocked energy channels that everything is fine in the here and now. Allowing you to be fully immerse in your body, present and consciously let go. Doing so “re-train” your mind and brake the patterns. This patterns also are reflected in our facial expressions which sculpt marks of “unpleasant feelings and emotions” on our prematurely ageing face. Tensed up, stressed, unrelaxed, tired and restless.




Regular face massage is a blissful experience, cherished and loved by those who experienced its therapeutic benefits and aesthetic achievements.

In this modern world and stress-filled lives, our mind can be more active than our body. Pent-up emotions and hectic thoughts cause the muscles of the face (neck, head and shoulders) to tighten and constrict causing pain. A sign that our body’s “natural energy” is not flowing freely.

Massage helps to release these blockages, dissipating the discomfort and freeing up the energy around the body in a way that the connections between our internal organ systems, energy centers, thoughts and emotions are harmonious, which leads to better health.

Facial massage helps to reach deep levels of relaxation, immersing in calmness and re-emerge feeling happier.

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Sep 26 2016 08:00AM

• Are you a busy woman who doesn’t have time for herself?

• Is stress making you looking older and tired?

• Are you feeling low about your skin and signs of ageing?

• Do you want to increase your confidence and the way you feel about yourself?

• Are you fed up with the pain and tension in your face, head and neck?

• Do you want to look good and feel as you used to?

• Do you want to experience deep relaxation to remove your stress and clear your mind?

If you answered yes to this questions, this TASTER SESSION is for you, come along and LEARN HOW TO FREE YOUR FACE FROM STRESS, CALM YOUR MIND AND LOOK YOUNGER..... FEEL & LOOK HAPPY!

Would you like to learn simple and effective techniques to use at home for lasting youthful look and to release tension in your face?

Would you be committed to a simple self care routine and learn how to keep your face fit and your skin looking young, healthy and beautiful?

Would you like to immerse yourself into a deep state of relaxation and emerge feeling and looking your best?

Success Stories

A really individualised treatment developed through experience and knowledge. My skin always looks and feels 100% better

“I was looking for a really individualised treatment that did not follow a brand and had been developed by someone working for themselves, through experience and knowledge.

Having a treatment with Veronica is absolutely marvellous. My skin always looks and feels 100% better after seeing Veronica - I also feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated in myself.”

Lucinda M., Physiotherapist

My skin has improved dramatically, it looked good on my wedding day!

“Thank you for all your help with my skin, it looked good on my wedding day! I really trust Veronica. She has a very gentle, non-invasive touch and a completely holistic approach. The products she uses, which she makes herself, have worked so well for my skin that I use them at home. My skin has improved dramatically and my partner always comments that I look so healthy when I come back from a treatment.” Tanya S., Therapist

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Sep 7 2016 08:00AM

Our natural face and skincare expert, Veronica Massa, explores what it means to be positive about ageing, explains her unique approach and shares an offer for a free consultation

As we age our lives and experiences become imprinted on our face, a face can tell many stories. Unfortunately in these days and society ageing has lost its association with wisdom and experience and became something to fear or feel ashamed about. “Old” became an ‘insult’ so we are inclined to get defensive about our age. In some cultures ageing is a privileged rite of passage that brings with it honour and added respect. As we mature and develop wisdom from our experiences and ‘inner-standing’ of fundamental teachings of life, we realize these are valuable attributes.

Having and maintaining a positive feeling towards ageing can help us preserve our beauty, feel good and feel empowered in the embodiment of the wise woman we are becoming. Reversing the ageing process by engaging in cosmetic treatments and procedure is a disappointing illusion destined to fail. When we accept that we cannot turn the clock back, we embrace fully who we are respecting and honouring the natural cycles and our true-self.

Caring for ourselves and our body is very important as this precious gift is our vehicle in this journey on Earth. Sustainable health comes from connecting with positive well being, we heal when we feel good and give love to ourselves. Let’s put the beliefs and images of the feminine imposed upon us (in this age and society) behind us! Let’s develop simple me time rituals and lovingly take care of our glorious body! Our beauty will shine through.

I wish and aim with my treatments to support you in your journey to bring out your beauty, no matter your age. Having regular face therapies is a beautiful way to care for yourself and preserve your beauty and youthful look. It can also be a profound experience that brings deep relaxation, less thinking and more feeling through sensorial stimulation. Increases self-confidence and self-esteem and is an act of loving care that allows you to melt away your tensions and stress, calm and reset your mind and focus on the present moment. Simply feel good!

Facial therapies also enhance your well being, have an accumulative effect and benefit every system in your body freeing up energetic blockages. Keeping your face fit is as important as keeping your body fit, for a healthy, stress free, young face and spirit.

For best results I recommend you spending time in Nature grounding on Earth (barefoot ideally), eat plenty of life-filled fruit, feed your mind with positive thoughts, live in the now, speak your truth, breathe deeply, introduce essential oils into your life, start your day off in the right way, do what you love and makes you happy and don’t forget to live in gratitude!

I look forward to connecting with you! Enjoy your journey, Veronica

Claim your FREE FACE CONSULTATION online at

or give me a call 07878494322

About me and my approach

I am Veronica Massa, passionate about natural ways, exploring the face-mind-soul connection and inspiring women to feel and look ageless, joyful and honour themselves.

As a therapist I see clients as a unique soul and complex individuals with a background of experience that makes them who they are today. I enjoy connecting with them and work together supporting them in any way I can and develop a relationship of trust and exchange.

I love my client’s energy, their will power to make a change, to enhance their life, think and live positively and with joy. I love seeing their face changing, as emotional tension is released and watch them flowing through life more freely and stress free.

My face treatments aren’t “just” facials; they are a profound experience for body, mind and soul. A personalized therapeutic solution to lift your spirit, calm your mind, feel and look happier and rejuvenated.

Veronica is at West Norwood Therapies on Mondays, Wednesday and weekends

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Mar 30 2016 10:00AM

Our resident skincare expert, Veronica Massa, explores different factors in managinging acne and gives her top tips for you to try.

Due to popular demand, here are some guidelines summarizing some of my knowledge coming from continuous research, experience and especially client’s successful stories. These guidelines are recommended suggestions only. I encourage you to do your own research in order to be empowered by your own knowledge and be responsible for your own health. Read through and find what resonate with you the most; chose a combination of what you feel more comfortable with and stick to it. There is much more out there as nature provides us with many gifts, here are my favourites.


Increase the intake of food rich in these elements and also introduce supplements to your daily diet

Vitamin B6. Menstrual related acne responds to Vitamin B6 as it has a role in the in the normal metabolism of steroid hormones.

Zinc. Important for health skin. In the treatment of acne it is involved in local hormone activation, Retinol-binding protein formation, wound healing, immune system activity and tissue repair and regeneration.

Vitamin A. Retinols, including oral Vitamin A, have been shown in many studies to reduce sebum production and hyperkeratosis of sebaceous follicles. It is also anti-inflammatory. Spirulina alghae and chlorella are very high in vitamin A. Vitamin A is vital for the optimal maintenance and functioning of the immune system. Vitamin A deficiency is one of the most profuse nutritional deficiencies worldwide. It is associated with increased susceptibility to infectious diseases Vitamin A also has a role as an anti-inflammatory agent. Supplementation with vitamin A has been found to be beneficial in a number of inflammatory conditions, including skin disorders such as acne vulgaris. Studies suggested that vitamin A deficiency induces inflammation and aggravates existing inflammatory states. Supplementation with vitamin A could ameliorate inflammation through the effects of vitamin A on the immune system and the effect on epithelial integrity as Vitamin A is necessary for normal differentiation of epithelial tissues.

Vitamin C. Anti-inflammatory and immune system stimulant.

CLAY. Edible clay to take internally. Wonderful for aiding elimination of toxins out of your body. It is also the richest source of minerals.

Garlic. Taken daily detoxify the body, stimulate the immune system and it is a natural antibiotic.

• Improve digestion by taking digestive enzymes.

• Increase fruit and vegetables especially raw

Low-glycemic diet (whole grains, beans, vegetables, no white bread, pasta or sugar) improves health of skin. Several studies have found that people with low-glycemic diets have a lower incidence of acne.

Silver. Antimicrobial, natural antibiotic, supports the immune system, very indicated for acne and skin infections. Take internally and use externally (Spry on spots) but be careful with external use as some people believes that in time it stains your skin blue.

Licorice. This wonderful herb is a hormone regulator: helps to balance estrogen levels in the body. It supports adrenal burnout. On the skin it reduces itching, inflammation and swelling. A natural alternative to cortisone, it has a cortisone like action reducing inflammation, redness, swelling, itching and makes scars less visible.

Sea buckthorn. One of my favourite, amazing plant! Internally it moderates and regulates chronic inflammation, the immune and endocrine system and balances the skin’s cells by strengthening cell and blood vessel walls. It is a hormone regulator. It conteins several potent natural anti-inflammatory agents (including quercetin and salycins)as well as several groups of micronutrients (omega 3, 6, 9 and 7- palmitoleic acid very beneficial for the skin) that work together to balance and regulate the body’s hormonal and immune system. The essential fatty acids and high content of vitamin A, E, C and it also contains B6 vitamin are great for acne, internally and externally, especially the Sea buckthorn berries. Topical Sea buckthorn application soften, smooth and strengthen the skin and reduces scarring, swelling and inflammation, allowing the skin to finally break the inflammatory cycle and heal itself. It is also analgesic, which discourage scratching and picking and it is antimicrobial.

Nigella sativa. Black seed oil, a miracle oil for many ailments, internally and externally. Studies show its efficacy on acne, psoriasis and skin cancer just to mention few. Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant, antidepressant!

Moringa herb is also very rich in vitamins.

AVOID: All refined sugars, food high in iodine, saturated fats, stimulants (alcohol, coffe, tea, smooking), processed food, carbohydrates, dairy products and milk. Studies suggested that the amount of dairy you consume does have an effect on acne. It makes it worse possibly also because of the hormones present in milk.

STRESS affects hormonal changes which in turn can cause acne to flare up. Reduce stress and anxiety.

EXERCISE helps reducing acne by regulating hormones, bringing more oxygen to your cells and boosting your immune system, also helps reducing stress.

SLEEP Get enough sleep which helps to rebalance, heal, reduce stress. One study focusing on acne patients in Korea found that lack of sleep correlated significantly with an aggravation in acne. (

WATER. Drink plenty of water. Cut out all the sugary fizzy drinks. Drinking more water will help your body’s blood flow and assist it removing waste materials caused by metabolism.


Detoxification is important as acne and cysts indicate lymphatic toxicity.

HERBS. As you need to help your body to purify the blood, enhance the immune system and eliminate toxins, the use of detoxifying herbs is recommended: Alfa alfa, Burdock root and Dandelion. Echinacea and golden seal cleanse the lymph glands. Echinacea is also an immune system stimulant.


To reduce the level of toxicity in the body and stimulate the lymphatic system, regular massage and baths using detoxifying essential oils will help: Juniper, Carrot, Geranium, Grapefruit, Rosemary are beneficial. Cupping Massage Therapy is especially recommended

Cupping massage therapy:


• NO POPPING! Do not squeeze as doing so increases the chance of infection and worsen the inflammation. Also it brings higher chances of scarring.

• Acne can get inflamed when touched , producing more redness and irritation in addition to increase the risk of scarring when the collagen under the surface is repeatedly disturbed.

• Develop a daily routine.

o Clean/wash your face twice daily with a gentle therapeutic/natural cleanser.

o Tone your skin with healing plant waters (Hydrosols).

o Use non comedogenic moisturisers that will not block your pores, avoid all the heavy ones and prefer light creams, gels or balancing healing oils as your skin need to keep the moisture and the right balanced sebum production.

o Apply regularly detoxifying and healing masks to “draw out” and repair.

• Regular HOT COMPRESSES with antiseptic essential oils (such as T3 bergamot lavender) or warm Hydrosols (aromatic herbal waters). “This will draw out” the spot/boil and speed healing.


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• Nigella Sativa studies

Veronica is at West Norwood Therapies on Mondays, Wednesdays and weekends

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