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By West Norwood Therapies Team, Dec 5 2019 10:46AM

Skincare and natural face lift massage therapist Veronica Massa shares an offer for the festive season.

Don’t forget your face!

Do you exercise your body but not your face?

Are you worried that your face is sagging and not keeping up with your fit body?

Are you stressed and your face is holding the tension making you look older?

Is your skin looking tired and dull?

Are you too busy with no time for yourself?


Face massage is a very effective way of treating the skin and tone underlying muscles, lift and sculpt the face with methods from a professional skin and face specialist.

“Good products exist but are not really going to do much if you just slap them on your face and call it a day. The results come with application using firming, lifting, contouring motions and massage techniques which show remarkable results. If more people were practicing this, there would be much less need to undergo unnecessary invasive methods.”

Veronica’s work is well respected for her natural and holistic approach, her quality botanical skincare and her high-performance signature bespoke treatments which integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and tools. She passionately shares face massage styles in her self-care workshops.

"Bring out your Beauty"



A Special package designed for you.

6 treatments now £ 457

Or your first introductory treatment £75, one treatment normal price £80

One weekly treatment is highly recommended to really make a difference and for sustainable results.




• Take time out to feel good! Relax deeply, replenish and rebalance.

• Preserve your beauty, maintain a fit face and a youthful skin.

• Restore while rejuvenating your face and mind, and keep your spirit up!AFTER 6 WEEKLY

Look younger in 1 hour, get 5 years off your face in 6 weeks.

Looking at the before and after picture of this lovely lady (after 6 weeks of facial massage) it is clear the effect that facial muscle stimulation and relaxation can have on someone’s mood. Her face looks much more open, radiant and bright and her heart is too (just look at her eyes!), she doesn't only look beautiful but also happier!

To Book call or text Veronica on 07878494322 or email her at

Or book online

What clients say:

The look of a natural face lift: my skin looks and feels more radiant, and my face looks more alive and bright, even if I am tired. Since Veronica has been working on my face, I can see such a difference in the freshness of my look. I highly recommend Veronica and her service to each and every woman who would like the look of a natural face lift. Chyna Whyne, Performing Artist

My skin felt firmer and my skin tone definitely improved. The furrows above and below my lips improved and filled in nicely. It was also the most relaxing treatment I have had and I came away each time feeling much less stressed and always slept well afterwards. Carol

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Dec 6 2018 02:00PM

Aromatherapist Veronica Massa looks at some festive essential oils and shares the wonders of her festive aromatherapy massage oil blend. You can almost smell it as you read!

Looking at an essential oil blend that embodies the spirit of Christmas and

introducing Festive Aromatherapy Massage.

Aromas evoke memories and feelings, bring us back in time or to the present moment.

Scents can set an atmosphere and create a special moment.

Many smells are associated to Christmas and childhood memories that make us feel good. The scents of Christmas are so familiar that become part of the Christmas tradition, embodying the festive period.

The warmth of the festive season is captured with spicy/sweet essential oils that evoke the smell of ginger biscuits, the smell of pine from the Christmas tree, the smell of clove and orange of a pomander and the delicious fragrance of fruity spice in mulled wine.

One of my favourite Christmas fragrance is the blend for my Christmas Bath Truffle (bath melts) combining cinnamon, clove, orange, patchouli and ginger, so delicious! A classic Christmas fragrance perfect for the spice lover. If you are one of them, experience a Festive Aromatherapy Massage, be immerse in the Christmas spirit with these essential oils that will spice up and warm up your body and spirit. A real boost to your circulation, (both blood and lymphatic), your immune system and will also help with tensions and aches … in case you feel those too… The festive aroma of these oils will create a joyful atmosphere, an add-on to your massage experience.

Let’s take a look at these essential oils from an Aromatherapy point of view and get to know them better.

How do these oils influence our psyche, mood and emotions?

Clove (Eugenia Caryophyllata), probably mostly experienced for toothache, Clove has an anaesthetic effect. A warming oil, it helps with circulation, digestion and any condition associated with cold. It also helps relieve arthritis, rheumatism and sprains.

It is a mental and physical tonic and in terms of TCM, it tonifies Qi. If you feel things are stagnating in your life, Clove could help declutter and de-touch not only from material things but also believes and ideas about how life is or should be lived. Call for Clove when you need a change, open to new possibilities and attract new “clean” energies in your life. Get rid of what doesn’t serve you anymore and Clove will support you in the process of decluttering with the inner strength you may need.

Cautions: Potential skin irritant.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) warming energies are useful to relieve aches and chills in the early stage of colds and flu and for recovery afterwards when you feel debilitated. It is a great tonic for the Winter months especially for the elderly. Great warming oil, it stimulates the circulation and the digestive system, supports the immune system and relieves pain.

Its fiery energy gives a boost to whom has lost vigour and courage and bringsa sense of connection to the present moment.

Cinnamon bark can be a skin irritant so be careful!

Ginger (zingiber officinalis). Its scent will increase your determination and clarity. When feeling confused, undecided, demotivated, lacking in will, vitality and inner strength, Ginger will support, encourage and reconnect you to your will power and inner confidence. With ginger, the realization of your projects will feel a lighter task as you will feel more optimistic to manifest initiative and take action.

Ginger properties are warming and therefore beneficial for circulation and the digestive system, respiratory system and the reproductive one. It has also a warming and stimulating effect on the lungs and can treat chronic bronchitis.

It supports with lower back pain associated with muscular fatigue.

Ginger energy tonifies the kidneys and the heart.

Orange (citrus sinensis). Much loved by children, this sweet citrus will help them to sleep and will settle a belly ache. Just like cistus oils in general, the cheerful Orange uplifts the spirit and brings joy, warmth and a smile on the face of those who feel depressed, nervous, anxious and struggle to sleep.

Reach for this oil when life gets too serious and you forget how to laugh. Or if you are feeling self-doubt and fear when faced with new challenged and decisions to make.

In terms of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Orange helps for conditions related to Qi stagnation, especially in the liver, stomach and intestines. In fact it is one of the best oils for the digestive system.

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) warm and sweet qualities are beneficial for stress related conditions, the perfect oil for this time of the year! If you are someone prone to overthinking and worrying, who spends too much time “in the head” (too much mental activity), who feels “out of touch” with your body and also your sensuality, then this oil is for you! Patchouli will help you to come back to yourself. It is grounding and centring when you feel mentally and physically tense and detached not only from your body but also your creative expression. It helps alleviate anxiety, nervous strain and depression.

It will also help you with *Qi deficiency in the spleen and pancreas, leading to fatigue and tummy problems.

Patchouli reminds us to be in our body and take care of it especially when we put too much importance into the mental/psychic dimension while we are engaged on a spiritual path, it helps us to put things back into balance between the physical and the spiritual.

*Qi energy being the vital force of the body and mind, which moves and makes things move and it is the source of all bodily activities.


Battaglia S., The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, 2005

Mojay Gabriel, Aromatherapy for healing the spirit, 2005 (Gabriel is my Aromatherapy and TCM teacher)

Zeck Robbi, The Blossoming Heart, Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation, 2014 (3rd edition)

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Oct 18 2018 08:19AM

Natural skincare expert Veronica Massa looks at the benefits of facial massage and shares her Special offer £10 OFF valid on bespoke face massage for rejuvenating, face sculpting and tension release. We will work on each aspect of your being to address your needs and desired outcomes.



Your face stores and reveals our emotions. They show through our facial expressions and cannot be hidden or ignored.

Negative emotions create blockages and tension that manifest in our face through contracted expressions, stiffness and aches. With time these facial expressions become habitual, causing our face to age prematurely and chronic symptoms to develop. When these muscular contractions are held for a long time (sometime since we are children) we lose awareness of them, without realizing that, through our facial motions, we are constantly sending messages to our brain. In the process of letting go of stuck emotions, the physiognomy of our face will change as it frees up, and habitual lines will soften. When we learn to express our emotions in a healthier way, let go of old thought patterns and negative perception of ourselves, our face appears brighter, joyful and youthful; we open up to a possibility of loving self-acceptance and respect, allowing the beauty within to harness and shine outwards.


Connect to your femininity saying “yes” to who you are, opening your heart to yourself and let your inner radiance shine through!

It doesn’t matter how good you look from the outside, it’s really what’s in the inside that counts, Your inner radiance is what makes you truly beautiful.

Connect to your femininity saying “yes” to who you are, opening your heart to yourself and let your inner radiance shine through!

It doesn’t matter how good you look from the outside, it’s really what’s in the inside that counts, Your inner radiance is what makes you truly beautiful.

Looking at the before and after picture of this lovely lady (after 6 weeks of facial massage) it is clear the effect that facial muscle stimulation and relaxation can have on someones mood. Her face looks much more open, radiant and bright and her heart is too (just look at her eyes!), she doesn’t only look beautiful but also happier!


Our face is an interface of our brain and through our face we can access the central nervous system, sedating the mind and, when needed, re-wiring brain/nervous system pathways and functions (through facial reflexology and specific exercises).

It doesn’t surprise that the major bodily senses are located in the face (vision, hearing, smell, taste including touch). This allows the shorter possible journey for the messages picked up by our senses to travel to our brain which will respond accordingly.

We can count 564 nerve ending on our face, which is more than we can count on our feet.

Body maps found on the face have been used for centuries in many cultures across the world and still used today in combination with modern neuro/reflex therapy.

Our traumas and negative emotions are stored in our face especially around the Temporal Mandibular Joint and that is why so many people suffer from facial tension, teeth grinding and wear a guard at night to protect their teeth. Clenching the jaw tells a story of anger, frustration, worrying, overthinking and ultimately, fear. It keeps alive the memory of a “trauma” (small or big) holding us on a fight & flight response mode constantly. This mode is exacerbated by stress that, if accumulated and not released, can cause chronic pain in the face (TMJ), head, neck and shoulders, and probably anxiety and insomnia.



Facial massage helps immensely to release what we are holding so tightly, suggesting our nervous system to relax and let go. Reassuring those blocked energy channels that everything is fine in the here and now. Allowing you to be fully immerse in your body, present and consciously let go. Doing so “re-train” your mind and brake the patterns. This patterns also are reflected in our facial expressions which sculpt marks of “unpleasant feelings and emotions” on our prematurely ageing face. Tensed up, stressed, unrelaxed, tired and restless.




Regular face massage is a blissful experience, cherished and loved by those who experienced its therapeutic benefits and aesthetic achievements.

In this modern world and stress-filled lives, our mind can be more active than our body. Pent-up emotions and hectic thoughts cause the muscles of the face (neck, head and shoulders) to tighten and constrict causing pain. A sign that our body’s “natural energy” is not flowing freely.

Massage helps to release these blockages, dissipating the discomfort and freeing up the energy around the body in a way that the connections between our internal organ systems, energy centers, thoughts and emotions are harmonious, which leads to better health.

Facial massage helps to reach deep levels of relaxation, immersing in calmness and re-emerge feeling happier.

By West Norwood Therapies Team, May 16 2018 08:00AM

Skincare specialist Veronica Massa looks at the positive effect to skin from removing dairy from your diet with some client stories and suggestions for non-dairy calcium sources

I have seen it over and over with my clients: eliminating dairy products from their diet has helped to substantially improve their skin's health and complexion.

If you have issues with spots and cysts, try eliminating dairy from your diet for three weeks and see what happens with your skin.

Maybe you never had this problem before and it is possible that suddenly you developed an intolerance to dairy products... or to the process of producing them!

Many of my clients find very difficult eliminating dairy from their diet, and I understand that, cheese and ice-cream taste good! If you must, please make sure that the milk and dairy products you put in your body, come from a sustainable, respectful, organic farm that treat cows in a loving way as they should.

Clients who did cut out for a minimum of 3 weeks/one month all dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese) have been amazed by the results. If no new breakouts appear, then you know this may be the cause.

This can be a very effective way to find out if your skin is trying to excrete the toxins caused by dairy or ingesting more than your body can process. These toxins can manifest through spots, hard and painful bumps deep under your skin (cystic acne), or the underskin whiteheads.

The hormones given to the cows influences endogenous hormones in your body. These cause an imbalance in the hormonal system, (with added inflammation), the skin's oil production increases and the acne process will start. Some hormone stimulate oil production, the sebaceous gland in the face excrete fat-based hormones which leads to the growth of bacteria getting trapped in the pores.

Of course an other important factor is the fluctuation of your hormones (possible hormonal imbalances) and possibly an unsuitable skincare routine which will exacerbate the problem giving the right environment for bacteria to grow, breakouts to form and leaving permanent scarring.

Clients experiences

Tania had whiteheads on her forehead. I saw her recently and she is still dairy free and her skin looks glowing, healthy and completely unblemished. All the whiteheads (little white - under-skin - bumps) have disappeared.

1. Tanya: "I really trust Veronica. She has a very gentle, non-invasive touch and a completely holistic approach. The products she uses, which she makes herself, have worked so well for my skin that I use them at home. My skin has improved dramatically and my partner always comments that I look so healthy when I come back from a treatment. Veronica suggested that I dramatically reduce eating dairy as it was this that was causing the spots on my forehead. I would not have realized this and it has made a big difference. Thank you for all your help with my skin, it looked good on my wedding day! "Tanya S., Therapist

2. Lucy: "In my mid 20's the tiny bumps all under the skin and the huge what felt like painful boils returned.

The changes I have made to my lifestyle and diet are the following:

Cut way back on cheese and chocolate! I very rarely have cheese now.

• Cut back on tea & coffee – I would used to about 3 cups of coffee a day now I only have 1.

• Scrub gently with bi-carb and use green clay mask every week.

• Use mineral make-up (Bare Minerals) every day instead of Mac.

• Religiously use my amazing products that you make me!

• Lots of water and green/peppermint tea.

• In general a healthier diet.

I would say the main things that make the difference, are no cheese, change of make up and using your products. I can honestly say I have never been so happy with my skin, I don’t have a single lump or bump on my face! The facials, the products, the advice, and of course Veronica, are all absolutely amazing!!"

Balanced diet

Along with dairy, it is important to eliminate or cut down as much as possible, all inflammatory foods and tend towards a more alkaline, processed food free diet, including sugar of course.... but that is for an other blog! Inflammation causes excess heat in the body which rises up to the head manifesting with many different symptoms depending on the combination of causes. This excess build up of inflammation is of course also due to things like stress and not hydrating your body well enough. One symptom is inflammatory spots, especially concentrated along the lower half of the face, jawline, chin and neck.

But the concern I want to focus on here is most people question:" where can I get my calcium from?"

Where can I get my calcium from?

Calcium is the bone-builder, it provides the rigid structure of the skeleton, but small amounts are also found in the nerves, muscles and blood. Together with magnesium, calcium is important for the functioning of nerves and muscles. It also helps maintain the right acid-alkaline balance in the body. Calcium absorption is very important in children when bones are growing an the elderly when there is decrease of calcium absorption. After the menopause, there can be calcium imbalance, probably due to the loss of oestrogen, although this is also true for too much oeastrogen which makes arthritis worse. Really it is all about the right balance.

Calcium plays a role in:

• strengthening bones and teeth

• regulating muscle functioning, such as contraction and relaxation

• regulating heart functioning

• blood clotting

• transmission of nervous system messages

• enzyme function.

In contrary to what many people think, milk and cheese are not the only sources of calcium. We can absorb the necessary calcium and magnesium from pulses, vegetables and nuts, whole grains and water. Our body's ability to use calcium depends also on its absorption. Vitamin D is fundamental for calcium absorption, while consumption of alcohol, too much coffee, tea, chocolate, excessive stress, exposure to lead, excessive protein consumption, lack of exercise, and of course, lack of vitamin D, disrupt the calcium balance in the body.

Calcium deficiency and osteoporosis

Deficiency of calcium can cause symptoms of insomnia, nervousness, joint pain, muscle cramps, osteoarthritis, tooth decay and high blood pressure. Calcium deficiency is known to be the cause of osteoporosis, although, this is apparently connected with protein and excess hormone imbalances. Hormones control the calcium balance in the body. If out of balance, the bones and joints can become porous and be more fragile. Lower estrogen levels appear to make it harder for bone to reproduce, this is why osteoporosis is connected with menopause and women.

A number of risk factors for osteoporosis have been identified, and these includes bone structure: being tall (over 5 feet 7 inches) or slim (weighing under 125 pounds) increases the risk, ethnicity: white people and Asians are more susceptible than other ethnic groups, fracture history, tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol intake, inactivity or immobility, low levels of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, due to dietary factors, malabsorption problems, or the use of some medications. The stress placed on the bones by weight-bearing exercise helps prevent osteoporosis and this encourages bone growth.

Good sources of calcium

Getting calcium from foods is a much better choice, although calcium supplements are widely available. If you do need to take extra calcium from supplements, it is important to know how much calcium you need and you are ingesting. Calcium intake at levels of 2,000 mg or more through supplementation may be of concern. Make sure you don’t take more than the amount recommended on the bottle. The recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium is an average of 1,000 mg per day for adults depending on age.

Too much calcium may cause gastrointestinal upsets, such as bloating and constipation. A report published in 2010, and widely reported in the media, found a possible link between calcium supplements and an increased risk of heart disease – particularly in older women. The levels of calcium intake of participants in the trials reviewed were up to 2,400 mg a day, achieved by taking supplements.

Further research is required, but currently the British Heart Foundation recommends calcium supplementation if supervised by your doctor.

Calcium and magnesium are found in vegetables such as kale, cabbage and root vegetables, nuts and seeds.

 Beside milk, yoghurt, cheese and buttermilk, calcium is found in leafy green vegetables – broccoli, collards (cabbage family), bok choy, Chinese cabbage and spinach. As explained above, the ability of our body to absorb calcium is what really matter, rather than only the food eaten, for example,  one cup of cooked spinach contains 100 mg, but due to the high concentration of oxalate, (a compound in spinach that reduces calcium absorption) only five per cent of this may be absorbed.  By contrast, one cup of cooked broccoli contains about 45 mg of calcium, but the absorption from broccoli is much higher at around 50–60 per cent.
Beside milk, yoghurt, cheese and buttermilk, calcium is found in leafy green vegetables – broccoli, collards (cabbage family), bok choy, Chinese cabbage and spinach. As explained above, the ability of our body to absorb calcium is what really matter, rather than only the food eaten, for example, one cup of cooked spinach contains 100 mg, but due to the high concentration of oxalate, (a compound in spinach that reduces calcium absorption) only five per cent of this may be absorbed. By contrast, one cup of cooked broccoli contains about 45 mg of calcium, but the absorption from broccoli is much higher at around 50–60 per cent.

Nuts and seeds are a very good source of calcium, especially almonds (15 almonds contain about 40 mg of calcium) and sesame seed and paste (tahini), brazil nuts.

If you consume soy and tofu (make sure they are non GMO), these are a good source of calcium. Soya products and other food can also be found in the market calcium-fortified – including breakfast cereals, fruit juices and bread.

Fish, including sardines and salmon also are a source of calcium.

Dairy products industry, Cows and digestion.

There are some substances that don't agree with our body for various reasons, be it a personal intolerance or a general difficulty for the body to digest.

It is known that dairy products and cow's milk are mucous-forming. This mucous forms in our digestive systems and it can manifest issues related to that system, it can then move up to the lungs forming phlegm and catarrh or it can manifest through the skin, which is an excretory system, as the body tries to eliminate what does't agree with it.

Of course nowadays we are also becoming aware of the dairy industry's practices, the cruelties that the animals go through and the substances that are consequently found in the milk. These include hormones, genetically modified substances fed to cows, antibiotics (cows are in such a state of distress and disease that they are continually being injected with antibiotic medicines to deal with their chronic infections), and the toxins (pus)* in infected milk due to mastitis (an incredibly painful infection) as cows are forced into a state of constant pregnancy in order to produce the milk for our consumption..... yeah A BIG BUSINESS!

All of these substances are passed into the milk which is full of toxins due to chronic inflammation affecting the cows. Personally I would also consider the energetic memory of these animal's life which we introduce into our body.

What happened to the Sacred Cow? Still honored in many cultures, the caw was venerated and considered a deity. Think of Hathor in ancient Egypt, the mother of all Gods and Goddesses, from who's breasts the Milky Way is produced and who gives birth to Horus-Ra the sun god, the golden calf. And in India, still today, in Hinduism, Kali is symbolized as a moon cow, white horned and milk-giving.

Nowadays we have amazing knowledge which allows us to make choices moving forward. If you love dairy and are still concerned about your calcium intake, I am not suggesting you never eat them again! Eliminating them for three weeks will help determine if they are a cause of your breakouts. If after three weeks of no dairy, no new spots have appeared when they normally would, then you have a good chance to know the cause. This will empower you, just like the ladies in the testimonials, to make an informed decision next time you are in front of cheese, and think to yourself "is it really worth a cyst...I am going out tomorrow night and I am not going to risk!" This process will help understand your body's tolerance, and even if you reintroduce them slowly after three weeks, then you know what to expect.

I love chocolate so much but I know for every chocolate comes a spot!! Now I only eat alternatives, milk free, raw and no sugar. I can still enjoy chocolate but feeling safe I will not get spots! There are many amazing ones in the market, my favorite ones got to be booja booja!!!

* National averages show at least 322 million cell-counts of pus per glass! This is well-above the human limit for pus-intake, and has been directly linked to paratuberculosis bacteria, as well as Crohn’s disease. The pus comes from infected udders on the cows known as mastitis.


Holford Patrick, New Optimim Nutrition Bible, 2004

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