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By West Norwood Therapies Team, Nov 18 2019 05:25PM

WNT founder and manager Jennie Duck shares her experience of the WNT team effort in making a video and in general how this collaborative ethos sets the tone for a great clinic and studio.

We made this video with footage taken on an in-house photo and video shoot when I was down for our 5th birthday celebrations at the start of October. It feels appropriate that the collaborative ethos of our work made the very tools that we want to use to promote it - what we can achieve when we get together.

It's been so exciting to see the fruits of our efforts in putting together a video showing who we are as WNT and how we work. The 90 second video we've made really does show us, it gives an authentic feel for our clinic and studio space and us as a team. I'm really proud and happy that the place and environment shown in this video is West Norwood Therapies, a seed I sowed back in 2014 that has grown to be so much more than me working alone in a room! The collaborative ethos and energy that shines through in the video is what makes WNT unique and pretty damn awesome :-)

That trip south (from my rural home on the West coast of Scotland) was a fabulous few days. We were all really excited to be together for celebrating our birthday - it's a rare privilidge to be with each and every one of us, it can be hard to get a dynamic gang in one place at once! We had a meeting on the Saturday afternoon, refelcting on our successes and challenges as individual practitioners as well as a collective. We rounded this off with a 'cup of friendship' - a Scottish tradition involving a bottle of whiskey and a quaich. Yummy.

After our meeting we headed out to one of WN's best local restaurants, The Garden (even more yummy) and nursed our hangovers at Feast the next day before turning WNT into a photo studio and shooting a pile of photos and videos to help us with promoting our unique and awesome business with the people we want to work with (you!).

I keep coming back to 4 words to describe the experience in working with the Wonderful Women of WNT and those are: warm, thoughtful, intelligent and fun. That is the environment we create at West Norwood Therapies which gives the energy that runs through treatments and classes. After celebrating us as a collective we want to celebrate us as individuals - so over the next few weeks we'll be running social media posts along the theme 'we love working with...' describing one another as colleagues. We hope you enjoy getting to know us better!

Jennie x

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Oct 28 2019 11:43AM

Osteopath and yoga teacher Yinka, aka #theosteopathyogi shares her experience of the journey in bringing yoga to West Norwood Therapies - how far we have come!

I have been an Osteopath for 27 years and have taught yoga for 20 years, gaining my Diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2000. The regulated BWYQ Certificate and Diploma qualifications require level 4 attainment and are therefore equivalent to an HNC/ first year of a foundation Degree and is a 500 hours qualification. This is the highest level of yoga teacher training currently available in the UK.

I began teaching yoga to primary school teachers in Brixton, and this slowly evolved to include anyone who wanted to come along to my class. In January 2015 I was forced to give up the teaching space that I had used, given the cost of renting suitable space I thought that I would have a lengthy break from teaching, but I was wrong. In October 2014 West Norwood Therapies (WNT) was founded and I began offering osteopathic care in Room 1. Room 1 is quite large, and Jennie and I thought perhaps if we moved furniture and screened off part of the room, we could use the space for a class. On the 1st of February we ran a trial class, it went well, and I decided to go for it. With the support of the fantastic Women of the WNT team Yoga with Yinka at WNT was born. The first classes started on Wednesday 25th of February 2015. I was determined to make it work, arriving early to shift furniture, and hoovering afterwards (in those days we had carpet). The classes went from strength to strength and as word got around; in November 2017 I was able to start a class on Friday morning and at the beginning of this year I began a Thursday morning class as well.

My teaching style is relaxed, informative and tailored to suit those who prefer a smaller group setting. I build gradually to the fuller expression of the postures, modifying as necessary or required. There is a community supportive feel to the classes and many of the original Wednesday morning yogis still attend. Because of my teaching style, and the room space I run the classes on a 6-week block booking that runs parallel to the school term so that those caring for school age children can attend without missing out. The feedback I have had over the years has given me the confidence to take Yoga with Yinka into the NHS and at the beginning of May this year I began teaching yoga at a GP surgery. There are referral criteria and GP’s refer those they feel could benefit to the classes. Since 2015 the WNT team quickly realised that movement-based classes work well and we now have Emma who teaches Vinyasa flow, antenatal and restorative yoga, Hannah who teaches Qi Gong and Tai Chi and more recently Jenny who teaches Feldenkrais. We are soon to be joined by Laura reflexologist and yoga teacher.

Coming soon will be Yoga with Yinka workshops for low back pain and in the meantime, wherever you do your yoga, enjoy your practice.

Yinka aka #theosteopathyogi

By West Norwood Therapies Team, Sep 2 2019 10:54AM

West Norwood Therapies founder Jennie Duck is excited to be celebrating 5 years of WNT as we build up to our birthday in October

We are nearly 5!!! It is very exciting to be turning 5 in a month's time and in the build up to this we will be highlighting our last five years of working with all sorts of clients in West Norwood, the diversity of what we offer / have offered over the years and the collaborative way we do this.

We hope you'll enjoy following our commemorative campaign as we acknowledge our work so far and look forward to building on this over the next 5 years!

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By West Norwood Therapies Team, Jan 23 2019 09:00AM

Sports massage therapist Lauren O'Sullivan shares her experience of a yoga class and workshop with WNT yoga teacher Emma Klein

At our last meeting at the beginning of January we thought it would be a great idea to do practioner swaps and experience and enjoy our peers’ practices. Emma and I paired up for a swap: a sports massage for some yoga time! I’ve always enjoyed practicing yoga but often neglect it so this was perfect for me...

Tuesday mornings at West Norwood Therapies and it’s class time with Emma. A beginner class, the flow is quiet slow and allows time for correction and continuous reflection on your practice. I’m quite familiar with yoga however I haven’t practiced in a long time so this class was a perfect reintroduction for me. With a mix of complete beginners and experienced returners, Emma handled the class with consideration for both. Every position was explained and demonstrated with and without blocks or modifications and Emma also offered reasons for why each position helped certain joints and muscles.

Emma talks frequently about the importance of Yin and Yang – Yin being the slower more stable postures that increase flexibility and relax our bodies and Yang being the active, strength building aspect of yoga practice. The two opposites complement each other in working towards a strong and flexible body. I am constantly recommending my sports massage clients to take yoga classes as building strength protects our ligaments and tendons, and increasing flexibility enables our muscles to stretch more freely helping to prevent strains and tears. Emma’s class was a perfect combination of both and working on the two aspects side by side leads to a more lean and lithe musculature.

Perhaps one of the most important things Emma’s class inspires is judgement-free practice. One of her mottos is “All who breathe, can practice yoga”. There is no expectation or criteria that you need to conform to – as yoga has become more popular it sometimes seems to come with a certain archetype. People that can’t bend themselves in half or don’t have the latest designer leggings may feel uneasy and afraid to take class. Yoga practice is what you make it. Everyone’s practice will be different and will differ day to day; it’s a process and takes time. There is never an end goal, which is why it’s called practice. In Emma’s class you are encouraged to listen to your body. As it was a morning class I was personally feeling a bit stiffer than usual and I took that on board with my practice, I didn’t force anything.

Fast forward to Sunday and it was time to detox. Emma lead a detox yoga workshop for 2 ½ hours and at first I was apprehensive as to the length – that seemed like a lot of yoga! I needn’t have worried and even felt like I could go for longer at the end; the workshop was structured perfectly.
Fast forward to Sunday and it was time to detox. Emma lead a detox yoga workshop for 2 ½ hours and at first I was apprehensive as to the length – that seemed like a lot of yoga! I needn’t have worried and even felt like I could go for longer at the end; the workshop was structured perfectly.

For the first hour and a half we practised a fairly fast flow with time to explore new poses and depth once we were warm. We then talked about Ayurveda: an ancient Indian system of medicine that supports and guides a whole holistic approach. Many people turn to its philosophies and basic constructs when considering detoxing their body. It was a lovely open and inviting space to share our thoughts, ask questions and gain insight into how we might incorporate some Ayurveda practices into our own lives and their individual needs. For the last 20 minutes we snuggled into some blankets and Emma guided us through some Yoga Nidra practice. Yoga Nidra is a form of guided sleep meditation that focuses on finding that window between waking and sleeping for ultimate relaxation. If you are interested in finding out more about Yoga Nidra, contact Emma and come along to her weekly Sunday evening Nidra classes at WNT!

Emma left us with a complete print out information pack of everything we had covered in the workshop - the poses, Ayurveda and even a detox recipe: Kitchari. I always find in workshops that there is so much information to take in that we frequently get home and forget everything, so a print out was such a great addition. As adults we often don’t get the chance to study and learn new knowledge and I relish this! I will definitely be reading up on the things we covered and practicing at home. I highly recommend Emma’s workshops – the next one is on 24th March and this will be a restorative yoga workshop focusing on de-stressing.

Thanks Emma, I thoroughly enjoyed our practitioner swap! Look out for more practitioner swap blog posts throughout this year as we all take it in turns to experience each other’s practices.

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