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Crow and Headstand yoga workshop

(Bakasana & Salamba Sirsasana)

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The workshop will be divided into two sections. The first focusing on Crow and the second, Headstands. For both of these inversions we will go into detail on the dynamics of the pose. Which muscles need to be strengthened, how to stretch and which postures will help prepare you for the pose. The kinds of things that help and hinder finding the final pose as well as things to avoid to prevent injury.


After this, we will do an asana class to warm up and work the joints and muscles most needed for the poses. Dedicating some specific time to practicing getting into both Crow and Headstands and the tips and tricks for making them easier.


We will end the workshop with an extended Savasana to give the body the time and space to recover from working on these challenging poses.

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Date: Sunday 13th May 2018

Time: 10:00 - 12:30

Cost: £30 per person

Early bird tickets: £25 (bought before 31st March)


A 2.5hr workshop focusing on the dynamics, restrictions, tips and tricks for getting into both Crow and Headstands, as well as their variation.

Headstand Crow workshop