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Emma Klein

Emma's classes combine traditional yoga postures in a flowing sequence to build strength and flexibility in equal measure while giving the space to focus on the breath. Beginner classes are slow enough for you to find your feet, while mixed ability classes are slightly faster paced. All classes are designed for you to find the right alignment for your body and to guide you through your yogic journey and development. With pose variations offered where and when needed for you the get the most benefit out of each class.


Emma also specialises in Pregnancy and Post-Natal yoga. She aims to help mums-to-be to maintain and build confidence in your body and yourself as pregnancy progresses. Classes will give you some tools for labour and birth, with focus on breathing, strength and birthing postures. Post-natally classes will help you to regain strength and to have some space and support in the joyous and stressful phase as a new mother.


Emma also holds 2.5hour workshops focusing on multiple topics from Restorative Yoga to furthering your headstand practice.


Emma also tailors one to one classes for specific needs, be that schedule restrictions or support recovering from injury. (Contact her to book)

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See Emma for:


* A class focused on balance

* Support through yoga on your pregnancy journey

* Rebuilding strength after pregnancy

* Workshops to deepen your yoga knowledge and abilities

* one to one yoga classes to fit your schedule

* one to one yoga for building strenth after injury

* general stress relief, relaxation, self awareness, strength and flexiblity

various flow and pregnancy yoga classes through the week - see Yoga with Emma for more details


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Tel: 07795 161 593

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What clients say about Emma Klein:

I would like to let you know that one of your yoga teachers, Emma, is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She is cheerful, kind, calm, knowledgeable and make you feel safe and comfortable. I do yoga because of stress and anxiety and her classes help me so much, I wish she was teaching more classes, I would definitely come more often! (Clara)


I just wanted to thank you for today’s class. I have been building myself up for over a year to begin yoga and sickness, injuries, life (and any other excuse I could find) got in the way. I tried to participate as much as I could today however I’m sure you could tell I have no clue what I am doing! I am going to return to your class! Again thank you, having such a friendly instructor made my first yoga class (and return to exercise) much easier. (Rae -awkward non bendy girl in grey @ today’s class)


Small classes, great teacher - I love it. Bel


I really look forward to yoga each week. Emma is an attentive and knowledgeable teacher and the classes are small (max 6). I feel geat after the class. Isobel - local mum


Emma Adapts her dynamic flow classes for pregnant women. So you're still stretching and reenergising in the class but it's safe for you and the baby. It was helpful practicing breathing and relaxation techniques that are useful for the birth and beyond. The small classes mean Emma is really attentive and can personalise the class. Isobel - local mum



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