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Erika Zettervall

Erika has been a massage therapist for 20 years and had developed a very therapeutic and relaxing style of deep tissue massage.


Erika creates a nurturing environment and draws on her understanding of bodies developed through her yoga practice (she is also a yoga teacher) and experience in working with people going through particularly stressful and emotional times.


Erika's massages work deeply into muscles to help relieve tensions and stiffness and are also deeply calming and therapeutic for the mind. She gets profound results through working on both body and mind this way.


Erika has worked with a variety of clients over the years, from clients going through pregnancy, grief or recovery to busy corporate clients.


Erika also teaches yoga - see Yoga with Erika for more information

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See Erika for:


* deep tissue massage in a nurturing environment

* support with massage during a particularly stressful or emotional period

* de-stressing and calming busy minds

* a thorough massage treatment for body and mind

* pregnancy massage


Deep tissue and relaxing massage on Weds and Saturdays

Slow flow yoga on Thursday mornings

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Contact Erika

Tel: 07939 392 764

What clients say about Erika Zettervall:

“Thanks so much for my treatment last night miss e. It was just what the dr ordered-a combination of your magic therapeutic hands & your amazing listening skill. I felt so much more relaxed after, both physically & mentally. So I’ll try not to leave it too long until the next one!.”


(Kelly, May 2018)


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Erika's blogs:

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