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Wednesdays -Completely Natural- Skincare Clinic

Veronica Massa Holistic Facial Therapist & Natural Skincare coach: "Get the best skin ever, naturally"

•Are you confused about which products are right for you?

•Are you unhappy with your skin? Do you suffer from skin condition that gets you down?

•Are you fed up with facial tension or maybe worried about signs of ageing?


Would you like:

A healthier and radiant skin?

To feel confident and feel beautiful?

Know what your skin need and learn self-care



Come to our Special Wednesdays, FREE “I LOVE MY SKIN” Consultation & Tester Session with Veronica Massa.


Every Wednesday from 2pm to 9pm, bookings essential though the website. Session is 30 minutes and includes consultation, tips and a mini facial tester to see how I can help you to improve and enhance your skin’s health and beauty.



•effective methods to care for your skin naturally

•the best products for your skin – Veronica will share with you her “Delicious Edible Skincare” tips

•facial tension release techniques

•stress and premature skin ageing management

•rejuvenating non-invasive techniques

to keep your skin healthy and beautiful throughout the daily grind and the passing of time.


“Inspiring Women to Feel & Look Happy, calm and confident, I help them to improve their health and wellbeing, release stress and emotional tension and rejuvenate their face, skin and spirit. Ultimately to feel good about themselves and feel beautiful by focusing on all that they are shining their inner spark.”

Visit to read testimonials or her fb page Veronica Massa – Inspiring Women to Feel and Look Happy




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