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Feldenkrais focuses on movement as the starting point for physical, mental and emotional health. Feldenkrais can be experienced in 2 ways: group lessons called ‘Awareness through Movement’ and one to one lessons called ‘Functional Integration’


The act of slowing down, increasing and sensing your self in movement, sends positive information to the brain allowing the nervous system to do its job of processing information to learn, adapt and improve. Although it addresses movement specifically, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais understood that mind/body/feeling are part of one incredible dynamic system. As you develop your awareness and improve the way your body moves, you improve other aspects of your self and how you relate to the environment. It’s a very empowering approach to health and development.


Awareness through movement

In a group lesson you are led through a series of movements where you are encouraged to slow down and sense the quality of your movement. This allows you to let go of unwanted muscular tensions and habitual ways of doing things to find new and healthier ways of moving.  At the end of a class you can expect to feel both relaxed and invigorated!

Classes are suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.


Functional Integration

One to one lessons take place fully clothed, most often lying on a table.  We address your own particular movement patterns. Sessions are tailor made to suit your needs. Gentle, yet specific manipulations help you to release limitations, guiding you to a sense of better self use. You will invariably feel lighter and easier in yourself with a heightened sense of well -being.


The Feldenkrais Method can help with the following:


•Joint mobility and flexibility

•Pain and short and long term injury

•Every day activities such as walking, sitting, to feel easier and pleasant

•Neurological conditions such as CP, MS

•Stress related conditions

•Performance related activities such as playing an instrument, dance, sports, exercise, martial arts

•Natural breathing


•Energy levels


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6 week block £72

Thursdays 7-8pm

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