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Hannah Horsfall

Hannah’s warm and welcoming tai chi and Qigong classes are small and open to all levels of fitness.


Through slow gentle flowing movement, with an emphasis of working within ones own personal limits, Hannah facilitates individual development, giving both instruction and hands on guidance to improve posture, structure and release of tensions for optimum flow of Qi.


These sessions are both gentle and demanding, meditative and humerous relaxing and energising!


Classes combine both Tai Chi and Qi Gong through static and dynamic moving exercises, introducing and develop breathing, relaxation and mind/body focus techniques with reference to theory of qigong and the martial aspects of tai chi, but the focus is on health and wellbeing.


Hannah runs weekly evening classes and monthly weekend workshops. One to one sessions are available by arrangement to fit your schedule.

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See Hannah for:


* Relaxing yet energising classes to help your focus and concentration as well as balance, posture and coordination

* Accessible and friendly small group classes

* Gentle support in developing physical sensitivity, awareness, reflexes and health of nervous system

* Developing understanding of breathing, relaxation and balancing of intenal Qi / energy circulation

* Workshops to deepen your practise of the Tai Chi and Qigong forms

Tai chi and Qigong

Monday evenings, Saturday mornings


Contact Hannah

Tel: 07947 847 446

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What clients say about Hannah Horsfall:

“This class is a great combination of challenge and stress relief and you will away feeling invigorated.  Hannah is a  very experienced teacher and has the time to work with people individually so good for all levels.” - Sue


“Hannah is a dedicated and talented teacher with an impressively vast knowledge of her subject which she passes on to her students with patience and good humour. I have benefitted greatly from attending her classes, becoming stronger, more flexible, calmer and more self-confident.” - Jo


“I found your service extremely valuable for the patients ..., the sessions were extremely enjoyable as well as having  physical and mental health benefits, the patients commented on the sessions relieving stress and helping them feel grounded.” - Sarah (Manager of womens inpatient unit for SlaM)


“Tai chi has good evidence for benefit in many joint and muscle conditions especially fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Hannah taught a fantastic session for a large group of people at a patient education event and recieved very positive feedback” - Dr Levy, Consultant Rhumatologist



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