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Jennie Duck

Jennie specialises in a combination of sports massage and aromatherapy, using elements of each to offer intensive and relaxing treatments tailored to individual clients.


Jennie believes in strong massage but finds it important to encourage relaxation too. Her massages are deeply therapeutic, she works slowly and thoroughly to relax and release muscles.


See her website to watch videos and learn about her unique 5-point scale aroma-sports fusion massage.


Jennie loves treating neck and shoulder tightness - her style of deep relaxation combined with intricate muscle release works wonders.


She also works well with chronic pain, particularly back pain, neck stiffness and headaches.

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See Jennie for:


* back pain, neck and shoulder tightness and chronic pain

* benefits of sports massage in a more relaxing style

* pregnancy massage and post partum recovery

* helping you avoid injury during intensive training

* de-stress, time-out and reviving massage

A fusion of sports massage and aromatherapy

Jennie has moved to Scotland but will be down from time to time-next visit in Jan 2019

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