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Jenny Hill

Jenny’s focus with Feldenkrais is on movement as the central aspect for improving physical, mental and emotional health. With attention to awareness and slowing down so you can really ‘tune in’, Jenny’s method can help relieve stress and pain as well as building longer term patterns that can improve your quality of life.


Jenny is eager that her students are empowered and strengthened through her classes, having come to Feldenkrais through its empowering effect on her own life.  She works with people from all walks of life, including those seeking relief from pain, people wanting improvement with daily activities and those with a more athletic lifestyle.


Jenny runs a weekly small group class in blocks on a Thursday evening and also offers one-to-one classes which can be booked directly with Jenny by appointment.

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See Jenny for:

*Help improving joint mobility and flexibility and for everyday activities such as walking and sitting to feel easier and pleasant

*Addressing both short and long term injury

* Support living with neurological conditions such as CP, MS and stress related conditions

* Support for performance related activities such as playing an instrument, dance, sports, exercise, martial arts

* Improvements in natural breathing, energy levels and posture


Thursday evening group classes,

One-to-one by appointment


Contact Jenny

Tel: 07929 907 007

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What clients say about Jenny Hill:

"It was a pleasure working with Jenny. The FI sessions I took made me aware of my own body and skeleton. The positive impact that the very small, simple and gentle movements have had in my flexibility, body balance and posture was amazing. I also realised my knee injury was gone!" - Panorea


"Sessions with Jenny opened new aspects in my body. In the days following the treatment, I would find my body proposing new movements much more comfortably than the ones I was used to. Jenny is a very sensitive therapist. The work greatly opened up my practice as a performance artist." - Ivana


"Having a series of FIs with Jenny really helped me let go of years of tension and pain around my upper body and neck. This was a great relief and also greatly enhanced my sense of freedom whilst moving my body in dance performance." - Juliana


"Feldenkrais gave me an enhanced awareness of my body and made me stand taller – making me more confident and attractive. Being at work has become a better experience! I recommend Jenny’s Feldenkrais sessions wholeheartedly to everyone." - Simon.


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Jenny's blogs:

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