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Laura Devonshire

Laura is passionate about sharing the enormous benefits she has gained from her broad experience in energy treatments and practices. She brings abundant enthusiasm and warmth to her treatments and classes which offer a space for you to rest and recharge and will help you find balance in your busy life.


Laura uses reflexology to work with your body’s own self-healing processes, taking time to understand your individual needs before helping your body to achieve its natural state of balance and optimal wellbeing. Reflexology is wonderful for relaxing the body and mind, reducing feelings of pain, stress and anxiety. It is also a popular support for fertility and pregnancy treatment


Laura’s all-levels Vinyasa flow yoga classes are intelligently sequenced to help you build strength and stability whilst opening and releasing. Combining breathwork and meditation to a thoughtful playlist, Laura strongly believes yoga is for everyone regardless of age, ability and condition.  Laura also has specialised training for Pregnancy, Mum & Baby and Childrens Yoga.


Once a month Laura hosts a blissful Self-Care Sunday Special of Slow Flow Yoga & Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing.


Laura is also a Reiki Master, Shamanic Energy Healing and Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing Practitioner

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See Laura for:


* Some time-out to find relaxation and balance

* Preconception and pregnancy support

* Dynamic early morning and slow flow evening yoga classes

* One to One bespoke yoga classes to meet your needs and schedule

* Soothing sound healing yoga and meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls


Reflexology, Yoga and amazing self-care workshops

Laura's blogs:

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