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Matthew Atwell

Matthew is our fabulous pilates teacher who founded The Pilates Education to run very focussed and accessible small group classes for people new to pilates as well as experienced students looking to deepen their Pilates practice.


Matthew's approach is very careful and considered and many of his students discover an understanding of - and benefit in - pilates that they haven't felt in other classes.


All new students need to complete the specially designed Mat Foundations Course to ensure a solid grounding in pilates principles and techniques before joining regular classes.


Matthew has a special interest in working with pre and post natal clients, providing an excellent physical and mental support at a time when it is particularly invaluable.

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See Matthew for:


* exploring the Pilates method in small group classes with plenty of individual attention

* effective support through all stages of your pregnancy journey

* support with injury prevention or rehabilitation needs

* a challenging regular Pilates class with support to progress to the next level when you feel ready

Pilates instructor

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Contact Matthew

07583 492 184