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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutritional science to help assess nutritional needs and identify imbalances or deficiencies which may be contributing to an individual's symptoms and health conditions.


Our nutritional therapist, Audra focuses on your individual needs and concerns and uses a detailed case history to build a holistic picture of you before devising, with you, a tailored diet and lifestyle plan. She also offers ongoing support to keep you motivated.


Your first session will be 90minutes, after which follow up sessions of an hour can be arranged after 4-6 weeks to allow changes to have effect between sessions.


BOOKING AT LEAST 5 DAYS AHEAD REQUIRED!! - Audra has a thorough way of working and wants you to get the most out of your paid sessions. There is so much information to gather that, rather than take up the whole initial session as is typical, Audra prefers to ask you to fill in a lot of information beforehand so she can prepare for your meeting and you will then leave armed with ideas and support. So once you book she will send you some forms, which you will need to return 3 days before the session so she has time to go through them.

Therapists offering nutritional therapy:

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