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Pregnancy at WNT

We have a great multi-disciplinery team with decades of experience between us in work supporting women through their pregnancy journey - from  pre-conception, through pregnancy birth and post-natal recovery. We run free information events sharing some tips and exercises if you want to find out more about how we can support you - here's some information to get you started...

Osteopathy is a helpful resource to support the postural changes that occur in a woman's body during pregnancy and following birth. Osteopathy can help you to understand and manage the changes. As well as gentle treatment to the pelvis and lower back which may occur as the result of movement in your pelvis to accommodate the growth of the baby, osteopathy can also help with changes in the ribs and muscles of the front of the chest which also need to adapt.


Acupuncture is a good friend to have with you on your entire pregnancy journey, from preconception onward. It can boost fertility (helping both men and women with natural and assisted conception), support you as needed throughout your pregnancy, help with preparation for your birth and your recovery. Acupuncture's little sister acupressure is also a simple tool you can take home and use yourselves for effective natural pain relief  during labour.

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Massage can provide some welcome relief throughout pregnancy as strain is put on the lower back with the extra weight and laxity in ligaments. The upper back can also suffer with shifts in posture and tiredness and massage can also be a good gentle stimulator of fluid and oxygen around the body, having a pick-me-up effect as well as easing tensions and emotional stress. Peroneal massage is also a valuable self-massage skill to help with labour.

The breath is a central theme in yoga and during labour and birth. Yoga can help you to explore breathing patterns and teach you to synchronise or coordinate the breath and movement, which may help with your birth. The postures learnt and developed in a yoga class can help to relax and strengthen your body throughout your pregnancy, and post birth.

pregnancy and post-natal yoga

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From conception the female body experiences significant changes, constantly responding and adapting as baby grows. Pregnancy reflexology can help support you physically, mentally and emotionally through this incredible journey, from conception all the way through to supporting you in labour.


Pregnancy Reflexology maintains balance and harmony whilst helping alleviate symptoms and discomfort, giving mum-to-be some much needed space and time for rest and relaxation.   There are helpful points Laura can share with you and your birthing partner to support you during labour.

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