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tai chi and qigong

Hannah‘s classes combine both Tai Chi and Qi Gong through static and dynamic moving exercises, including "silk reeling" and the development of practice through the 11 Form. It will also introduce and develop breathing, relaxation and mind/body focus techniques through the Qigong set of the Ba Duan Jin  - Eight Pieces of Brocade


Basic theory of qigong will be referred to to enhance the mind-body focus and help develop a deeper understanding of stimulating and balancing the Qi flow or internal energy.


The martial aspects of Tai Chi will be referred to at times to aid understanding of movements but the focus is on health and wellbeing rather than martial application.


Hannah’s tai chi and Qigong classes are small and open to all levels of fitness and through slow gentle flowing movement with an emphasis of working within ones own personal limits Hannah facilitates individual development, giving both instruction and hands on guidance to improve posture, structure and release of tensions for optimum flow of Qi

The sessions are both gentle and demanding, meditative and humerous relaxing and energising!


Tai chi and Qigong can support:

•Greater strength, flexibility, joint mobility and improved bone condition

•Improved posture, balance and coordination

•Increased focus and concentration

•Internal and external physical sensitivity and awareness

•Improved health of nervous system and conditioning of reflex actions

•Balanced functioning of circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems

•Stimulation and balancing of internal Qi / energy circulation

•Relief of physical and mental tension bringing calm and tranquility to the mind


Hannah also runs tai chi and qigong 2hour workshops one Saturday morning per month.

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Tai chi and qigong

6 week block  from 24th February £72

Mondays 8.30-9.30pm

Tai chi and Qigong workshops WNT website profile pic with name Hannah Horsfall

Beginners tai chi and qigong

6 week block  from 24th February £72

Mondays 7.30-8.30pm