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Tessa Glover

Tessa is our sports and remedial massage therapist. This means that as well as working with sporty people, she also works to aid recovery from occupational postural issues, surgery or injuries that may not be related to sports.


Tessa's massage is deep tissue, using a combination of techniques including muscular release, trigger point, stretch and traction as well as good strong massage strokes.  She aims to target and release stubborn areas in the muscle to ensure good function and movement in all areas of the body.  


She works closely with athletes during their training programmes to help boost the body's performance and to prevent and aid injury recovery.  


Whether you are suffering with a long-standing pain, an acute new injury or are aware of the value of regular sports massage then Tessa will help you with her expert skill and solid understanding of muscle function and injury rehab.



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See Tessa for:


* keeping your muscles in optimum condition during heavy periods of training

* release of stubborn tensions and persistent injuries

* help in recovering from injury to get you back to     training

* pre and post-event massage to prepare you for     competition and boost recovery

Sports massage & medical acupuncture

on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays

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Contact Tessa

Tel: 07966 473738

What clients say about Tessa Glover:

"I went to see Tessa Glover on the advice of a cyclist friend who knew I'd been suffering from an upper shoulder/back pain for a few weeks. Nothing I'd managed to do could shift it - rest was also not working! I saw Tessa twice - and after just the first visit the pain was 80% reduced. She pinpointed what was wrong swiftly, dealt with the areas contributing but crucially gave me the knowledge I needed to better understand what was wrong - which often is I think such an important part of the cure.  I'd recommend anyone to see her, she's excellent and her manner on top of it all is comforting and re-assuring and deeply knowledgeable."

Ceri Barnes, Producer.


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