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What clients say about our therapists and services...

What clients say about Clare Butler:

“Clare’s classes and approach to Hypnobirthing were eye-opening, for both me and my partner.  The classes helped us with our planned home birth, and we are very much looking forward to that! We feel really prepared for every circumstance, and we really loved our sessions. Clare is superb and really made us feel at ease, talking us through every step of the way from the beginning. Really interesting from a male perspective too, totally recommended for both mum and dads.”

(Matia, Nov 2017)


“Thank you for your time and expertise today. Both Alex and I found it a really rewarding and uplifting experience.”

(Rachael, Jan 2018)


“…thank you for everything and helping us to say super calm through the whole experience…”

(Meera, January 2018)


“Would I recommend?  yes, I already have!”

(Veronica, January 2018)


What clients say about Tessa Glover:

"I had been looking around for a Sports Massage Therapist for sometime and when Tessa was mentioned to me - I thought I'd give it a go.  Wow! I am so pleased that I did.  I do high intensity training 5 times per week and I was full of aches, pains and knots and, and, and...... With her sensitivity and natural ability Tessa was able to listen to what I was telling her but also really tuned into my body and knew when and where to focus.  With a mixture of massage and acupuncture I come out of each session with a spring in my step, rejuvenated and 'raring to go'. The quality of my training has significantly improved. Thoroughly recommended!" Nicole Marais - Psychotherapist, Life Coach and triathlete



"I went to see Tessa Glover on the advice of a cyclist friend who knew I'd been suffering from an upper shoulder/back pain for a few weeks. Nothing I'd managed to do could shift it - rest was also not working! I saw Tessa twice - and after just the first visit the pain was 80% reduced. She pinpointed what was wrong swiftly, dealt with the areas contributing but crucially gave me the knowledge I needed to better understand what was wrong - which often is I think such an important part of the cure.  I'd recommend anyone to see her, she's excellent and her manner on top of it all is comforting and re-assuring and deeply knowledgeable." Ceri Barnes, Producer.

What clients say about Philippa Summers:

"With Philippa I have struck gold.  Magical hands."

Neck pain client, aged 67 (Tuina massage and acupuncture)


"During the emotional highs and lows and sometimes confusing period of fertility treatment and early pregnancy, I have really valued the time and space of my sessions with Philippa - the chance to talk through certain things in more detail and in a more personalised way than with the doctors, as well as the time to slow down and reflect on myself and my body. I am sure the acupuncture treatments themselves have helped me conceive on a first cycle of IVF, but have really valued the whole therapy session around the acupuncture, and the care and sympathy of Philippa’s treatment."

Fertility client, aged 41


"I suffered for years with horrendous migraines, which were so bad I would need to take regular  time off work.  After 6 sessions of acupuncture  they began to ease and after 2 months they  stopped.  I have not had a migraine now for 6 months.” Migraine client, aged 45


“Philippa played a crucial role in the lead up to my conception. Despite having polycystic ovaries I  conceived quickly and naturally. Philippa’s calm, reassuring manner, considered treatment and advice eased my concerns and helped remove stress and anxiety from the process” - Pregnancy client, aged 34


“Phillipa has excellent listening skills and has been a major support, helping me  manage a long term chronic condition, improve my health and consequently reduce my medication. Acupuncture reduces my pain, helps me sleep and gives me more energy - a brilliant result! “  Lupus client, aged 54

What clients say about Yinka Fabusuyi:

"I have started doing yoga with Yinka in January 2016. I was suffering with lower back pain and sciatica. Yinka with her expertise and her caring way, is able to tailor her Yoga classes with each person individual needs. Yinka makes a yoga class accessible to everyone. The classes are small with maximum of 6 people. I am now able to do things I wasn't able to do before, I feel a lot stronger, healthier and a lot happier about myself. I would recommend yoga with Yinka to anyone that loves yoga."


(R.S West norwood)


"Two years ago, I was admitted into St George’s Hospital due to excruciating back pain. I was given 4 different types of pain killers to take every 2 hours and discharged. The pain persisted - I was still in agony. I decided to go to a private clinic in Victoria. There was still no improvement. I came across Yinka in West Norwood and finally, the pain has subsided. Yinka is so very empathetic, kind, knowledgable, and has given me wonderful advice about how I can improve my condition from home. Had it not been for her, I am certain that I wouldn’t even be able to walk by now. Thank you so much for everything!" B.

What clients say about Veronica Massa:

What clients say about Erika Zettervall:

“Thanks so much for my treatment last night miss e. It was just what the dr ordered-a combination of your magic therapeutic hands & your amazing listening skill. I felt so much more relaxed after, both physically & mentally. So I’ll try not to leave it too long until the next one!.”


(Kelly, May 2018)

What clients say about Emma Klein:

I would like to let you know that one of your yoga teachers, Emma, is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She is cheerful, kind, calm, knowledgeable and make you feel safe and comfortable. I do yoga because of stress and anxiety and her classes help me so much, I wish she was teaching more classes, I would definitely come more often! (Clara)


I just wanted to thank you for today’s class. I have been building myself up for over a year to begin yoga and sickness, injuries, life (and any other excuse I could find) got in the way. I tried to participate as much as I could today however I’m sure you could tell I have no clue what I am doing! I am going to return to your class! Again thank you, having such a friendly instructor made my first yoga class (and return to exercise) much easier. (Rae -awkward non bendy girl in grey @ today’s class)


Small classes, great teacher - I love it. Bel


I really look forward to yoga each week. Emma is an attentive and knowledgeable teacher and the classes are small (max 6). I feel geat after the class. Isobel - local mum


Emma Adapts her dynamic flow classes for pregnant women. So you're still stretching and reenergising in the class but it's safe for you and the baby. It was helpful practicing breathing and relaxation techniques that are useful for the birth and beyond. The small classes mean Emma is really attentive and can personalise the class. Isobel - local mum

What clients say about Lauren O'Sullivan:

"Lauren is very attentive & understood exactly what I needed in addition to my rehabilitation. I am feeling a difference already, her techniques are really good and she is very skilled, i am booking my next appointment now!"


"Cannot recommend enough. Its very hard to find a good sports massage therapist so I'm very glad to have crossed paths with Lauren!"


"I have had 2 sessions and I could not recommend Lauren highly enough! I first booked Lauren to treat a chronic injury, which has now healed. I play high-intensity sport regularly in addition to weight training,  and have already observed significant improvements in my mobility, not to mention the key role this therapy has played in the successful treatment of my injury! Lauren is very friendly,  professional and I'm recommending Lauren to all my teammates!"

What clients say about Hannah Horsfall:

“This class is a great combination of challenge and stress relief and you will away feeling invigorated.  Hannah is a  very experienced teacher and has the time to work with people individually so good for all levels.” - Sue


“Hannah is a dedicated and talented teacher with an impressively vast knowledge of her subject which she passes on to her students with patience and good humour. I have benefitted greatly from attending her classes, becoming stronger, more flexible, calmer and more self-confident.” - Jo


“I found your service extremely valuable for the patients ..., the sessions were extremely enjoyable as well as having  physical and mental health benefits, the patients commented on the sessions relieving stress and helping them feel grounded.” - Sarah (Manager of womens inpatient unit for SlaM)


“Tai chi has good evidence for benefit in many joint and muscle conditions especially fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Hannah taught a fantastic session for a large group of people at a patient education event and recieved very positive feedback” - Dr Levy, Consultant Rhumatologist



What clients say about Jenny Hill:

"It was a pleasure working with Jenny. The FI sessions I took made me aware of my own body and skeleton. The positive impact that the very small, simple and gentle movements have had in my flexibility, body balance and posture was amazing. I also realised my knee injury was gone!" - Panorea


"Sessions with Jenny opened new aspects in my body. In the days following the treatment, I would find my body proposing new movements much more comfortably than the ones I was used to. Jenny is a very sensitive therapist. The work greatly opened up my practice as a performance artist." - Ivana


"Having a series of FIs with Jenny really helped me let go of years of tension and pain around my upper body and neck. This was a great relief and also greatly enhanced my sense of freedom whilst moving my body in dance performance." - Juliana


"Feldenkrais gave me an enhanced awareness of my body and made me stand taller – making me more confident and attractive. Being at work has become a better experience! I recommend Jenny’s Feldenkrais sessions wholeheartedly to everyone." - Simon.