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What clients say about our therapists and services...

What clients say about Rebecca Mason:


"I contacted Rebecca because my diet didn't feel very balanced and I thought that I might need to make some changes to avoid having my sugar cravings and afternoon energy slumps.  I wanted a professional assessment to be sure that any changes I made were all healthy and the right ones to make.  Rebecca's conducted the assessment in a very thorough, thoughtful and empathetic way and was thankfully non-judgmental when I had to admit some of my obvious shortcomings in my diet.  Her report with recommendations was prompt and that allowed me to carry the momentum of the consultation and make some easy changes that she suggested.  I have felt generally a lot less prone to my carb and sugar cravings and feel very positive about the changes I have implemented.  The information she provided me was comprehensive and I look forward to implementing a few more of the ideas she suggested about healthy snacks, family recipes, and vitamin supplements.  I definitely recommend Rebecca if you want to be clear on what your diet needs for you to feel your best!” Meg, 40


"When i met with Rebecca I felt instantly comfortable with her and able to communicate all my symptoms and issues with her easily.  Its been 5 months or so since I have been following my plan and my symptoms have either completely dissapeared or improved significantly.  I have found this all to be specifically helpful in easing my symptoms of high anxiety and stress.  I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life with stable moods, even throughout my monthly cycle. She has also been extremely supportive and very available to me throughout the process to help me with any questions as and when they have cropped up.  I have and would highly recommend Rebecca as a practitioner to anyone I know.” Ellie, 27


What clients say about Jenny Greig:

"Jenny is really friendly and I enjoy taking time out from my triathlon training to enjoy a massage from Jenny to take away some of the niggles and knots that have built up during my training. Jenny always checks that pressure being applied is OK to ensure you get the massage that is right for you." Claire

What clients say about Melinda La Piana:

"Pregnancy Massage - I would recommend this to any mums-to-be. I was about 6 months pregnant when Melinda gave me my first pregnancy massage. Melinda gave me many aromatherapy massages before, which were all a great experience, and I totally trusted her to give me a pregnancy massage. I was apprehensive at first, I think many mums would be the same. She helped me lie on the table and after 5 minutes into the massage, I felt totally comfortable. Melinda was very careful with the pressure and each time she gave me a pregnancy massage, I felt amazing for days. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any future mums and will definitely ask her to massage me again for my 2nd pregnancy."

Marie Coyle



"Aromatherapy Massage- I had an aromatherapy massage done by Melinda few months ago. I needed it for relaxation only and she used especially selected essential oils for this purpose, such as Bergamot, Lavender and Frankincense. The full body massage was great! She was very professional and asked a lot of questions about my health before starting. She also put some lovely music to help me relax. I was very happy and satisfied - I would highly recommend it."

Alessandra Tortone


What clients say about Tessa Glover:

"I had been looking around for a Sports Massage Therapist for sometime and when Tessa was mentioned to me - I thought I'd give it a go.  Wow! I am so pleased that I did.  I do high intensity training 5 times per week and I was full of aches, pains and knots and, and, and...... With her sensitivity and natural ability Tessa was able to listen to what I was telling her but also really tuned into my body and knew when and where to focus.  With a mixture of massage and acupuncture I come out of each session with a spring in my step, rejuvenated and 'raring to go'. The quality of my training has significantly improved. Thoroughly recommended!" Nicole Marais - Psychotherapist, Life Coach and triathlete



"I went to see Tessa Glover on the advice of a cyclist friend who knew I'd been suffering from an upper shoulder/back pain for a few weeks. Nothing I'd managed to do could shift it - rest was also not working! I saw Tessa twice - and after just the first visit the pain was 80% reduced. She pinpointed what was wrong swiftly, dealt with the areas contributing but crucially gave me the knowledge I needed to better understand what was wrong - which often is I think such an important part of the cure.  I'd recommend anyone to see her, she's excellent and her manner on top of it all is comforting and re-assuring and deeply knowledgeable." Ceri Barnes, Producer.

What clients say about Philippa Summers:

"With Philippa I have struck gold.  Magical hands."

Neck pain client, aged 67 (Tuina massage and acupuncture)


"During the emotional highs and lows and sometimes confusing period of fertility treatment and early pregnancy, I have really valued the time and space of my sessions with Philippa - the chance to talk through certain things in more detail and in a more personalised way than with the doctors, as well as the time to slow down and reflect on myself and my body. I am sure the acupuncture treatments themselves have helped me conceive on a first cycle of IVF, but have really valued the whole therapy session around the acupuncture, and the care and sympathy of Philippa’s treatment."

Fertility client, aged 41


"I suffered for years with horrendous migraines, which were so bad I would need to take regular  time off work.  After 6 sessions of acupuncture  they began to ease and after 2 months they  stopped.  I have not had a migraine now for 6 months.” Migraine client, aged 45


“Philippa played a crucial role in the lead up to my conception. Despite having polycystic ovaries I  conceived quickly and naturally. Philippa’s calm, reassuring manner, considered treatment and advice eased my concerns and helped remove stress and anxiety from the process” - Pregnancy client, aged 34


“Phillipa has excellent listening skills and has been a major support, helping me  manage a long term chronic condition, improve my health and consequently reduce my medication. Acupuncture reduces my pain, helps me sleep and gives me more energy - a brilliant result! “  Lupus client, aged 54