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Tibetan bowl sound healing

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing works to restore and rebalance the vibrational frequency in all the cells, tissues, organs of the whole body, encouraging equilibrium and homeostasis.


1:1 Sound Therapy is a deeply relaxing treatment where the bowls are placed around the body mapped to the seven main chakras. The bowls are chimed in a sequence to bring balance to each of the chakras and their corresponding areas of the body.


1:1 Sound Massage: The bowls are placed directly on the body and chimed to feel powerful vibrations. Our bodies consist of more than 65% water, if you visualise a stone dropped in water, the ripple effect is the same for the vibrations travelling through the cells in our body, simultaneously relaxing and rebalancing them.

Therapists offering Tibetan bowl sound healing

Laura devonshire website pic

Laura also runs a Sunday evening group class once a month around the full mooon and monthly self-care-Sundays at WNT with yoga and sound healing.