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Terms and Conditions

You can make an appointment by booking online, calling or emailing therapists directly or by calling the clinic. Please note that calls to the clinic may be responded to more slowly than by contacting the therapists directly


Our clinic is tucked away so please make sure you look at the Find Us section of our website so you know where to come


Please make sure you know which therapist you are seeing and have their direct phone number


Therapists often see clients back to back and will make an effort to keep to schedule. If you are late for your appointment this may eat into your treatment time so subsequent clients are not kept waiting




We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy and ask clients to be considerate in giving therapists as much notice as possible if you need to change or cancel an appointment


Appointments cancelled within 24hrs are liable to be charged the full treatment fee


Clients who repeatedly cancel at short notice or fail to show up for appointments may be asked to pay in advance of their treatment


In cases of emergency and illness please contact your therapist as early as possible


Our therapists are all self-employed and rely on appointment fees for their livelyhood. Last minute cancellations have a direct impact


We welcome feedback from clients and love to hear about your experiences with our therapists


If your feedback is positive then please do let us know by

* telling the therapist directly or notifying the clinic

* tweeting or mentioning on facebook

* leaving a review on google maps or on our booking system


If your feedback is negative then please

* approach the therapist in the first instance

* get in touch with the clinic directly or 07931 876 931

* give us a chance to respond to you before leaving bad reviews


Our therapists are all individuals with different strengths and areas of interest. We have made every effort to describe our therapists and the treatments they offer to allow you to choose the therapist who will best suit you, but remember that there is an element of 'clicking' involved so you may find you see more than one practitioner before you settle on who fits you best


If our therapist thinks you will be better treated by another practitioner, or would benefit from more than one treatment they will suggest this to you


No therapist should

Choosing a therapist

Treatments are given based on the information you provide to the therapist and the feedback you give them


No treatment is a one-size-fits-all or quick-fix and often it is a case of trying something and seeing how the body responds


Often more than one session is needed to make progress and see or feel results. Your therapist will offer advice and suggestions, but we cannot be prescriptive or give guarantees as every individual is unique and responds differently


Our therapists are conscientious and fair and will suggest follow up appointments in your best interest rather than simply to upsell their services

What to expect from your treatment