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443 norwood road, west norwood,

SE27 9DQ (by appointment only)

07931 876 931



Yinka is the person to see for a reassuring assessment and diagnosis of muscular, joint and all soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Yinka can offer advice and often prescribe exercises and offer reassurance which will help you to manage your symptoms.


Yinka’s approach to osteopathy is broad-based, gentle and thorough. She is the only member of the WNT team who can fully diagnose, so is a valuable resource for all manner of pain and injury.


Yinka does not rely heavily on manipulation, and often doesn’t manipulate at all, rather she is careful to work with you to understand the root of your pain and help you adjust contributing factors and heal comfortably.


As a yoga teacher she is also an expert at offering exercise and stretching advice and runs excellent small group yoga classes.


Her 20+ years of experience in a range of environments, including the NHS, give her a vast knowledge base that is wonderfully complemented by her lovely hands and warm, engaging manner.  

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See Yinka for:


* assessment and advice for posture and posture-related issues

* diagnosis and treatment of any musculoskeletal pain

* help during the acute phase of an injury – ie when your back  or neck has ‘gone’

* one-to-one or remedial yoga sessions

Osteopathy and yoga

on Wednesdays and ad hoc

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ROOM 1 - yoga classes

Contact Yinka

Tel: 07951437402

or 020 3292 1375

ROOM 2 - osteopathy